Nintendokusou July 28 Feature

Going on vacation and future plans…

Hi my dear readers, how are you doing?


I’m just writing this to warn you that I will be going on summer vacation with my family starting tomorrow, so I won’t have much time to update the site while I’m away for about two weeks.

I will still try to do some HUGE posts now and then with most important recent news, ok?
I don’t now if I will be able to, but I will try at least! ^_^’

I also pray to the powers that be to please NOT bless us with a Nintendo Direct until I’m back! XD

Anyways, I will be using my time to try and reach the end of Lord of Magna, so I can finally review the game and be done with it!

I also need to research some things to see how I can start monetizing the site so it at least pays for itself… still not quite sure what to do, so if you have ideas feel free to share.

Maybe will also contact some of those PR teams I’m still missing…

While I’m on vacation, I was also thinking of maybe grabbing an Amiibo somewhere and maybe doing a give away once I’m back! Do you have any suggestions regarding that, like how I should go about doing it?

Probably not gonna do even half of that, but who cares, I’m on vacation…


If you want to know when I upload my posts, subscribe using the box on the right sidebar and you will receive an e-mail when they are up.


I also wanted to ask all of you to leave suggestions on what else you would like to see from the site in the future.

I have been thinking about maybe doing some sort of playthrough, what do you think?
I was thinking about the Golden Sun games because I haven’t played them for a while and I feel like it!
(I’m limiting myself to these types of games because I can emulate them on my PC without needing a capture card, but rest assured I own them all physically too!)

Been waiting for Youtube Gaming to launch before investing too much in that area, but I’m starting to get tired of waiting… we will see…


Finally, if you need to contact me while I’m away, feel free to DM me on Twitter @nintendokusou or send me an e-mail trough the Contact form or directly to

See you around everyone, enjoy yourselves while I’m away! ^_~’

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6 years ago

– I was going to say that there was going to be a direct now that you jinxed yourself, but they wouldn’t do one so close after Iwata-san’s passing unless they have something super important to announce.
– Don’t rush yourself with that review xD
– For myself, I have no amiibo suggestions. (well, unless it’s Silver Mario… I’d totally enter a giveaway for him :3 xD)
– oh; go and add ads to the site; as long as it’s just a banner or a thing on the side of the page, it’ll be completely fine 😀

As for Suggestions;
In the e-mails for new comments: <— this happens.
Nothing major, but ya know. :3

Anyway for people to submit their own articles… not necessarily news posts, just fun articles like your Smash Series, Direct/E3 Predictions, etc. :3

And I'd totally watch playthroughs; you just choose the games you want to play though!