Zelda Wii U Theory – Link is the Hero of Time!?

Hi everyone!

Today I have a Zelda Wii U Theory I would like to share with you all.

I have been thinking about this for a while, and after analyzing the trailer and footage available it seemed like a reasonable idea.

So, without further ado, I present to you my “Zelda Wii U Theory – Link is the Hero of Time!?”, where I explain why I think that Zelda Wii U happens between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess and that the Link you play has might be a grown-up version of the Hero of Time.

Let’s break this down point by point.

Point 1 – Link has Blue Earrings

“Link has blue earrings, you say? How can we tell who he is just from the freakin’ earrings!? That is absurd!”, is probably what you are all thinking right about now, right?

Well, in fact it has much more to do with Link’s possible identity and the game’s placement in the timeline than you might realize at first.

First of all, I ask you to take a look at all the incarnations of Link. How many can you find that use earrings?

Not many, right? Well, if we take a look at all the games and their artwork you will easily realize only these three Links use earrings:

– Link from Skyward Sword. Uses Blue Earrings initially, then changes to Red ones.

Skyward Sword Link Earrings– Adult Link from Ocarina of Time. Uses Blue Earrings.

Ocarina of Time Link Earrings– Link from Twilight Princess. Also uses Blue Earrings.

Twilight Princess Link EarringsAs you might have noticed, all these Links belong to main console titles, have Blue Earrings and are associated with the main story of the Child Link branch of the Zelda Timeline. In other words, the Developers themselves seem to intentionally associate Blue Earrings with these Links for some reason!?

Now let’s take a look at Zelda Wii U’s Link, shall we?

Zelda Wii U Link EarringsLike you can see on the teaser trailer, Zelda Wii U’s Link also has Blue Earrings like his ancestors.

Putting this together with other pieces of information, can potentially mean two things:

– Zelda Wii U can have a place in the timeline that is close to one of the Child Timeline games;

– Link can be a grown-up Hero of Time.

My next points will hopefully help explain and solidify this conclusion.

Let’s keep going.

Point 2 – The Map is a fusion of Ocarina of Time’s and Twilight Princess’ maps

Like many of you probably have noticed by now, the map of Hyrule for the new game seems to be a fusion between the maps of Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, while paying some homage to the original game’s map. This can be inferred because several locations have similar shapes to locations already existent in those older maps.

Here’s the three maps so you can take a look and compare for yourself:

Zelda Wii U Map
Zelda Wii U Map
Zelda Ocarina of Time Map
Ocarina of Time Map
Zelda Twilight Princess Map
Twilight Princess Map

This fact could pontentially indicate that Zelda Wii U is set between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess timeline-wise.

But there’s more.

Point 3 – The Great Bridge of Hylia seems to be intact

If you pay close attention, during one of the later scenes of the Game Awards footage you can see what seems to be the entrance to the Great Bridge of Hylia, an important landmark in Twilight Princess. However, the bridge seems to be intact and rather well preserved when compared to Twilight Princess’. This seems to suggest the game is set before Twilight Princess, since the bridge is in better conditions, but after Ocarina of Time, since the bridge didn’t exist at that time.

Take a look at the following pictures to see what I mean. The first two are from Twilight Princess and the other two are from the Game Awards footage.

Great Bridge of Hylia 1 Great Bridge of Hylia 2Zelda Wii U Great Bridge of Hylia 1 Zelda Wii U Great Bridge of Hylia 2Moving on…

Point 4 – Link’s Sword and Shield are similar to the Hero’s Shade’s

Once again, if you play close attention to the trailer and footage, you will notice that the round shield and simple sword Link carries around in this game have the same general shapes and are reminiscent of the one’s in the possession of the Hero’s Shade, when you find him in Twilight Princess. They aren’t the same, but let’s suppose this is Majora’s Mask Link here, he likely won’t be using the Master Sword in this game and the final equipment is always different from the starting one, so it’s kind of possible these weapons will be upgraded into the ones the Hero’s Shade is wielding throughout the course of the game.

Links Shield and Sword Heros ShadeBesides this, you have to remember these things:

– The first song TP Link uses when he starts the Hero’s Shade quest to help him pass on is the Song of Healing, a song highly connected to the Hero of Time in Majora’s Mask, as he helps the people of Termina. This is used because the Hero of Time regrets not being able to transmit what he learned during his life and because he was never recognized/remembered as the hero he truly was, so he needs TP Link to help him overcome those feelings, much like he helped others in the past. However, the Hero’s spirit is clearly that of an adult, not a child, and seems to have a big amount of battle experience. It would make a lot of sense if this game tells the story of Link after Majora’s Mask, and finally explains why he lost his right eye, acquired a golden wolf form and became even more regretful than we currently realize (probably because he embarks on yet another quest all by himself without Hyrule’s true recognition in the end, just like in Ocarina and Majora).

– Also, the Ballad of Winds makes an appearence in an Howling Stone but it’s supposed to exist in the Adult Timeline, not here. If there were a game before Twilight Princess, the existence of the Ballad of Winds in this timeline could finally be explained (specially considering the sea areas that are visible on the map…).

– We never found out if the Hero of Time finds Navi or not, that should eventually be covered in a new game to bring closure to his story.

Point 5 – Link seems to have combat and travelling experience

This is a fact evidenced by the way he deals with that huge mechanical monster in the teaser trailer.

Not only his he riding on Epona from the start (and we have seen her every time they showed footage of the game), he nimbly dodges all of the monster’s attacks. Moreover, he knows how to properly deal with it, striking it with arrows in exact places to control its movement to his advantage and set the thing up for a finishing blow. He also favors the bow as a weapon, has high tech arrows and can perform “vault jump arrow shots”. Whatever way you look at it, this Link is an experienced fighter, capable of analyzing his opponent’s weaknesses and quickly counter-attacking in his own favor.

Link riding EponaIn addition, you have to consider that he his carrying an impressive amount of items on top of Epona and is dressed with a cloak to conceal his appearance. The cloak, like some of his other items, also has strange markings on it. All of this suggests this Link is an experienced traveler who has been to many different places, collecting items that may help him on a daily basis, like the aforementioned cloak and energy arrows. He might even use the cloak in an attempt to elude enemies he might have encountered in past adventures.

That said, it would make perfect sense for Zelda Wii U’s Link to be a grown-up Hero of Time, since Epona would have grown with him during their adventures in search of Navi and that would explain why Epona is already with him from the start and why Link prefers to use a bow instead of a sword.

Point 6 – Ganondorf is not the main villain

During interviews with Aonuma, he explained how Ganondorf won’t be Zelda Wii U’s main antagonist and instead there will be another main enemy.

If we place this game between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, it would make perfect sense for that to be the case, because during that period of time Ganondorf is supposedly arrested by Hyrule’s forces and tentatively executed, before being sent to the Twilight Realm as a last resort measure after the execution fails.

Ganondorfs ExecutionOnce again, this supports the idea that Link might be a grown-up Hero of Time who is back from his travels through Termina and other places, suddenly finding himself in another adventure to save Hyrule from a new threat that crept forth while he was away.

Point 7 – The Happy Mask Salesman is  expected to return in the future

I don’t know if you remember this but, back in March, Nintendo published a Miiting with the Happy Mask Salesman. During this “interview” the Happy Mask Salesman hints that he shall return in a future game and says he has new masks for people to try on.

If we take this at face value, and consider his words during the ending of the game, it would make sense for him to make an appearance in another game in the future.

Happy Mask SalesmanIf he is to appear in another game, that game must follow Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask, which are the only games where he has appeared so far.

Once again, this seems to hint at Zelda Wii U, and if the Happy Mask Salesman is to return in that game, it would make perfect sense for him to reunite with the Hero of Time like he suggests might happen in the future, which means Link and Epona would have to be grown-ups by then. This is another detail that seems to support my theory of Zelda Wii U’s Link being the Hero of Time.


Well, that’s all the logical “proof” I could find to cement this idea.

It seems likely that Zelda Wii U’s Link might be the Hero of Time we all know and love! And even if that isn’t the case, it still seems like the game might take place sometime between Majora’s Mask and Twilight Princess, placing it in the Child Timeline.

At least now we have a vague idea of when the game might take place.

To end this article I want to ask for your personal opinion on the matter!

– Do you think my “Zelda Wii U Theory – Link is the Hero of Time!?” makes sense?

– Have you found any other evidence in favor or against this idea?

– What do you think will happen in the end? Will this Link be a new one or someone we know? Where in the timeline will the game be placed?

Make sure to share this with others and leave me your opinion in the comments section below!

Until next time, see you around!

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6 years ago

cool dude that is very good point, i thought it would be the sequal to skyword swords haha great job!!!

6 years ago

Great theory i want to believe that you’re right. We can also say that Nintendo bring back some old school Zelda’s World with A link’s between world who is the “sequel” of the first real zelda on 2d with a coherent world and story so it’s seems to be logic that they bring back the world of their first 3d game with à sequel too.

6 years ago

Dude! I really hope you’re right, no other theories or info has got me this excited so I hope its the case! It would make sence, they said the hero of time didn’t get credit so his “rogue” clothes would make perfect sense. This is the game I have been wanting made forever now but you had a lot of valid points there. I guess we’ll see soon!

6 years ago

A really nice theory man. I could see this being true. I have always wondered what happened to the Hero of Time and I think the time is ripe for showing us. Everyone loves that version of Link and with all 4 games that he is mentioned in being remade in the last 5 years this could be a good way to close of his saga.

As a side note, I do not think his wolf form needs explaining. It can easily be explained that his spirit animal is a wolf and so as a spirit he can manifest himself in that form OR he turns himself into a wolf solely because it allows him to communicate with Twilight Link because he is a wolf.

6 years ago

oh that is cool one, nice explanation. Worth it reading this article.

Kakariko Kid
Kakariko Kid
5 years ago

Nice theory.
Link’s earrings were changed to silver in the Ocarina of Time 3DS version and Super Smash Brothers Wii U and 3DS games. For a quick glance of screenshots, check here – http://www.vgfacts.com/forums/thread-2886-post-62024.html#pid62024

5 years ago

I really liked this theory actually! Ocarina of Time is my favorite Zelda game, so when I saw a the title my main thought was that there was no way for it to be true. However I honestly think you’ve changed my mind! I like your evidence as well, but I was hoping you’d say a few reasons this theory could be incorrect. Nonetheless, it’s a good theory.