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Please take some time to read this page and get to know a little bit more about the website, its name, and its creator.

Nintendokusou was born on March 20, 2015 with the objective of “Creating a Unique Nintendo Fan Site”. We aim to bring you content and information on all things Nintendo while providing you with a healthy and safe community for you to share your experiences with fellow Nintendo fans.

A big part of this is the Nintendopedia project, where we want to catalog (or at least try to) the largest amount of information possible about Nintendo’s past and present history. We would like to make it the go-to place to learn about your favorite games and consoles, as well as their development stories, among other things.

Above all, I hope you can come to love the site and have as much fun with it as I have creating it for your enjoyment.

If you are reading this you are probably wondering “what’s up with that weird site name!?”. Well, let’s learn about it, shall we?You might not remember this, but back in June 3, 2012 Nintendo presented us with a Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct through which they introduced the world to their then new console, the Wii U, and its basic features. At the beginning of this presentation, Mr. Satoru Iwata revealed how Nintendo as a company has for a long time been inspired by the Japanese term dokusou, a term whose respective kanji was hanged on the wall of their 7th floor conference room at Nintendo HQ in Kyoto. As he explained at the time, the term dokusou could be understood as “creating something unique” or “originality” in English.

The kanji for dokusou currently hangs on the wall of the 7th floor conference room at Nintendo HQ in Kyoto.
The kanji for dokusou hanging on the wall of the 7th floor conference room at Nintendo HQ in Kyoto.

In honor of this premise, I decided to name the site Nintendokusou by joining the words Nintendo and dokusou through the common “do” particle to form its name, and adopted the slogan “Creating a Unique Nintendo Fan Site”.

By adopting this name, I hope to inspire both myself and the Nintendo community, driving us to accept change and creativity while staying true to our roots, while remembering Nintendo to trust us all, their fans, for they would have no meaning in this world if it weren’t for the constant love and support we show them every day.

Hello there, my name is Eduardo and I’m this website’s creator. Pleased to meet you!As you might imagine from taking a small look at this site, I’m a big fan of Nintendo and their products. In fact, I have been playing their games since I was a small child.

My interest in Nintendo games probably started to grow when I was around 8 years old and picked up my first Game Boy and a copy of Pokémon Red, the first console game I ever owned and completed to the end. I have played all main series Pokémon games since then and I’m now in my twenties. That means I have been playing Nintendo games for a long time! And to think that back then the graphics were in black and white while nowadays we have 3D and touch screens… how things have evolved, right!?

Before you think I only play Pokémon games, let me tell you another story. Around that same time I got my Game Boy I had a cousin show me some SNES games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World and various Bomberman titles. At the time I sucked at playing them but I really enjoyed the graphics and quircky characters, they put a smile on my face! I would only complete A Link to the Past several years later but it felt so good that to this day it remains one of my favorite Zelda titles. Curiously, although I always liked playing Mario games, to this day I never spent much time trying to complete Super Mario World. Go figure!

Title Screens of some of the first games I ever played.
Some of the first video games I experienced with Nintendo as a child.

As time went by and I got other Game Boy games I started to learn about other Nintendo characters like, for example, everyone’s favorite pink puffball, Kirby, or the Mario world’s antihero, Wario. I would soon own an N64 but, due to the difficulty of getting games for it back then around where I lived, I only ever played five games for it from the Mario and Pokémon franchises.

When the GBA and NGC generation came around my gaming horizons started to broaden a little bit as I learned more about various game genres. When I got my Game Cube, it came with a copy of Super Smash Bros. Meelee, the game that would help that happen by making me wonder who the heck Fox, Ness and Captain Falcon were. During that time, I came to love turn-based strategy games because of Fire Emblem, Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance; I discovered the wonders of RPG games by giving both Golden Sun games a chance; I also got intrigued by racing sports games thanks to Wave Race; and last but not least, I finally met Nintendo’s intrepid bounty hunter, Samus Aran, due to the four Metroid games released during that generation. I was in love with Nintendo’s worlds and characters but I wanted more…

Title Screens of some of the games that help broaden my horizons.
Some of the titles that helped to broaden my gaming horizons.

And more came with the next generation of Nintendo consoles. I kept playing my favorite series and got to know a few new ones. I just can’t forget that day, when I randomly bought Animal Crossing: Wild World for the DS. Fortunately, I wouldn’t regret that choice. Soon after getting ahold of it, I was enjoying talking with the quirky animal characters, being indebted to a suspicious looking tanuki and doing chores I actually hated to do in real life! I specially liked to bother Mr. Resetti, he was a fun and unexpected surprise! The Wii’s motion controls proved to be quite fun when done right and thanks to Wii Sports I finally managed to play a game together with my father who is usually not interested in them. I thank Nintendo for that experience too!

And all of that brings us to the current time! I continue to play Nintendo’s games on their consoles and to love every single moment of it! I decided to create Nintendokusou to share that love with fellow Nintendo fans all over the world and to somehow help support the company who made all of those days just a little bit brighter and enjoyable!

Besides video games, I also like playing around with computers and surfing the internet, searching for all sorts of interesting things. I also watch a fair amount of anime and read some manga and visual novels now and then.

If you want to say hi, have a suggestion for a post or an idea to help improve the site, just leave me a message through the social media or one of the contacts available at the Contacts page.

Enjoy your stay at Nintendokusou and don’t forget to have fun with your life!

Best Regards,

the Site Creator and Owner,