Site Rules

If you are new to Nintendokusou, please take some time to read the Site Rules below before using the comments section. Thank you for your time and understanding!

Be concise – Please make sure your comments are relevant to the post in question. Try to use proper grammar and refrain from using too many text message-like words or expressions. Make sure to read the full post properly and then share your thoughts adequately so that everyone can understand you correctly. If comments do not make sense, due to direct language translation software or similar reasons, they might be deleted.

Be respectful – Please be respectful to fellow members of the community and abstain from commenting in a profane and/or vulgar way. Think before you post your opinion about something, so you do not offend others who might read it. This includes posts containing any form of racism, sexism, religious affiliation, violence, one’s sexual preference, and disabled persons. All comments containing abusive, unethical or negative behavior will be deleted.

Avoid complaining and repeating yourself – From time to time, touchy subjects will probably arise at Nintendokusou that might greatly concern some of you. These often include, but are not exclusive to, localization of a title or the lack thereof, physical or digital distribution of a game, company policies, system preferences, social issues and so on. If the post directly relates to your concerns, feel free to discuss it in a civil manner, but please avoid calling people names, like fanboy, noob or shill, for example. If the matter represents such a great concern to you that you can’t even keep it civil or let it go, you’re better off talking to the game developer in question directly or looking for another place to vent your frustration. Also, don’t keep bringing the same complaints up in every single post that is ever so slightly related to your personal concerns. Please allow other people to express their opinion for a change, unless you have something new and interesting to add to the discussion currently taking place.

Withhold Personal Information – Please do not provide any personal information that might allow others to identify you. This includes, but is not limited to, physical home addresses, email addresses or any other information that might infringe upon one’s personal privacy. Additionally, please do not request personal information from anyone.

Forbidden Content – The following items are prohibited from being posted in the comments section:

  • Links to download sites containing game ROM files or emulators;
  • Game download codes;
  • Large or GIF image files;
  • SPAM.

Final Thoughts – In summary, Nintendokusou was created to be helpful, enjoyable and fun, so behave yourself and warn others when you see them break the site rules. That way, we can keep the community engaged and entertained, avoiding issues and hurt feelings. I thank you in advance.

All Site Rules are subject to change without notice.