7th Dragon III July 1 Feature

7th Dragon III Announced for 3DS, Details and Screenshots

Sega recently announced that 7th Dragon III: Code VFO will be coming to Japanese 3DSs on October 15th.

Although the studio behind it hasn’t been revealed yet (it used to be Imageephoc, which is now as dead as dead can be…), we know that the director is Masayuki Kawabata, who was behind some of the more recent Phantasy Star games and the producer is Juro Watari. Both of them are known for games with action-packed combat, so perhaps this entry in the traditionally turn-based series will be going for a different gameplay style, who knows? However, like previous 7th Dragon games, the soundtrack is being handled by Yuzo Koshiro and features character designs by artist Shirow Miwa.

According to the game’s website, a live stream of the game is scheduled to air on July 4th.

This weeks Famitsu, also mentions some extra details about the game:

– It could be the last entry in the series;
– Described by Famitsu as the “end of the play” (like in a three part play in theathre);
– Set in the past, present, and future;
– You can choose from 8 jobs and 32 appearances for your character;
– This is the most available in the series thus far;
– Themes for the game’s jobs are divided among its three settings (past, present, and future);
– Over 40 types of battle voices;
– 77% complete;
– Should be out on October 15;
– Will cost 5,990 yen.

Finally, here’s some artwork and screenshots from the game:

Do keep in mind that this series has been Japan only so far, so I doubt there will be a localization for this one, specially considering it’s the third entry in the series.