Super Mario Maker August 16 Feature

A look at the Super Mario Maker Artbook and some Amiibo Costumes

The Nintendo Italy Channel recently uploaded a video containing a look a the artbook that comes with Super Mario Maker.

You can watch it below:

Now that Super Mario Maker’s pre-load has been released on the North American Wii U eShop, if you decide to purchase the game digitally, you can still receive a physical copy of the artbook.

To claim your booklet after buying Super Mario Maker on the eShop, you’ll need to find a toll-free number on your receipt and call it. After establishing a connection, you just need to explain why you’re calling, and after you give Nintendo your Wii U serial number, which is also on the receipt, and your email, name and address, an order will be made and the booklet will be sent out to you when they become available.

But remember that this is for the North American region only so far, which includes Canada and Mexico, obviously.

In addition to this, you can also find some screenshots of a few amiibo costumes in the gallry below. These are of the Rosalina, Toon Link, Pac-Man, Mega Man and Silver Mario costumes.