Animal Crossing Interview Commercial July 1 Feature

Animal Crossing Developers talk about Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival, adding other IPs to the games + New JP Commercial

The Animal Crossing developers Katsuya Eguchi and Aya Kyogoku shared a few words about the upcoming Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival games on Nintendo of America’s Twitter account.

animal-crossing-commentsIn addition, Aya Kyogoku also talked with GameRant about bringing other IPs to Animal Crossing games. It seems like they are open to the idea, but won’t be throwing them in just for the sake of doing so.

“Obviously we don’t know what the next Animal Crossing is going to look like, but if the addition of other IPs in the next Animal Crossing is going to really excite both fans of Animal Crossing and fans of those other IPs even more then that’s something we’d really like to consider and take into account. But at the same time, we really wanted to make sure that the gameplay we put into the next Animal Crossing is fun and new. I wouldn’t want to add a feature where people thought it was about time or expected the next iteration would have. So instead of that, I’d like to have fun and good surprises in the gameplay.”

Finally, Nintendo uploaded another New Leaf commercial featuring singer/model Kyary Pamyu Pamyu to their Japanese Youtube Channel.

You can view it bellow: