Art Academy: Atelier – More Details

A new listing on Nintendo UK’s website contains some additional details about Art Academy: Atelier. Here’s the fact sheet below.

Learn to draw and paint step-by-step, with a wide range of materials, in Art Academy: Atelier, only for Wii U. Use realistic techniques via the Wii U GamePad touch screen, then curate a virtual gallery, share your creations via Miiverse, and even upload videos of your work to YouTube*!

With your friendly guide, Vince, you’ll progress through a series of fun, step-by-step lessons, each focusing on a different technique. Learn the theory, then watch Vince demonstrate each technique, before applying your new skill with the GamePad and stylus! When you’re satisfied with your piece, move on to the next lesson. You can take a break whenever you want, then resume the lesson later, all at your own pace.

The two main courses, Beginner and Advanced, comprise a total of 11 lessons, plus 14 Mini Lessons, which focus on the practical element only. Choose between Studio Subjects for human and animal models, plus still life objects, or Landscape Composition to find an engaging angle from various locations. You can also get to grips with many different materials in the Tools course, too. In Free Paint, practise and experiment, either from a reference image imported via SD card, or entirely from your imagination!

There’s a wide choice of materials to work with. Pencils include monochrome and coloured ranges, from soft to hard, and there is a Graphite Stick, a Pastel Set or a Charcoal Set, plus erasers for altering your piece. If you prefer paint, indulge yourself in 27 colours, and mix up to 96 hues on your palette! You can dilute with water, and even remove paint with a rag. Picking the right medium is important, too, and as well as raw canvas, you can use three types of textured paper. There are various aids, like a grid to guide composition, zooms for detailed work, and a Colour Wheel to match hues from a reference image, plus, if you discover an unfamiliar term, simply consult the Glossary!

Once you’ve finished your first piece, it’s time to show off! You can post pictures directly to Miiverse from the game, as well as view other artists’ work, plus the new video upload* feature lets you post clips of your piece coming to life, complete with zoom-ins and background music!

You can also view your art in the Portfolio, save to an SD card for printing and sharing from a computer, and even walk round the Gallery in first-person perspective to check out your masterpieces! So, whether you’re a fan of classical realism or prefer abstract expressionism, you’ll find everything you need to nurture your inner artist in Art Academy: Atelier, exclusively for Wii U.

  • Create beautiful art using the Wii U GamePad touch screen, then share your masterpiece direct to Miiverse!
  • Learn the theory, watch how it’s done, before applying the technique through friendly, step-by-step lessons
  • Immortalise your still life, model or landscape subject with pencils, paints, charcoals and more
  • Import and export to SD Card for printing and sharing, and even upload videos to YouTube*

*Google account required