Bloodstained New Stretch Goals Feature

Bloodstained – New stretch goals announced including prequel mini-game

After achieving the Vita Port stretch goal, a number of new stretch goals have been announced for the Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Kickstarter.

These new stretch goals include the following:

  • Orchestrated Soundtrack at $3,750,000;
  • Online Challenge Mode at $4,000,000;
  • 3rd Playable Character at $ 4,250,000;
  • Prequel mini-game for PC/Consoles at $4,500,000;
  • Prequel mini-game for Portables at $4,750,000;
  • ??? at 5,000,000.

Here’s some details about the prequel mini-game:

PREQUEL MINI-GAME FOR CONSOLES: Inti Creates is so excited about Bloodstained that they’re hoping to create a 2D, pixel-based, retro-styled mini-game that sheds some light on the world of Bloodstained before Miriam awoke from her coma. This is a complete game which will be sold separately, but every $28+ backer copy of Bloodstained will come with a FREE download of this game on PS4, XB1, Wii U, or PC! (Backers at Physical+Digital tiers will be eligible for 2 copies of the mini-game.)

PREQUEL MINI-GAME FOR PORTABLES: At $4.75 million Inti will port their side story game to the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Backers $28 and up will be able to choose any platform for their free copy (or copies)!

With only 6 days left, I guess it will be difficult for them to reach the Prequel mini-game stretch goal, but you can’t deny it would be interesting to know even more about the character.