Red Ash Announcement July 3 Feature

Comcept and Studio 4°C release teaser Trailer for “Red Ash”

Comcept and the Japanese animation company Studio 4°C recently released a trailer teasing a new project titled “Red Ash”.

You can view it below:

They also posted a small message on the Mighty No. 9 updates page:

Now what in the world could this be…?

Well…whatever it is, we decided to give our backers a special first look at it!

If you want to know more, you are all just going to have to wait until Independence Day to find out!

We can’t say anything more until then, but we think you get the idea.
Please share this video with all your friends, and help spread the word!

They will be revealing more about Red Ash at the Los Angeles Anime Expo this weekend. Keiji Inafune is holding a panel at the event and will be making a special announcement that may interest Mega Man fans.

That said, it’s being speculated that Red Ash might be some sort of spiritual successor to the Mega Man Legends series.