Devils Third June 10 Feature

Devil’s Third – New Details, Introduction Video, Screenshots and Release Dates

Unexpectedly, Nintendo decided to share more info about Devil’s Third right before E3!

They uploaded a new trailer where the game’s creator Tomonobu Itagaki introduces various aspects of the game.

You can watch the trailer and check out some screenshots below:

In addition to this, the official site is now open and it seems like the physical copy of the game is exclusive to Amazon Japan.

We also got some information on the Single and Multiplayer modes of the game, you can read below:

At the heart of the single-player campaign is Ivan, a former mercenary let loose from his incarceration to right the wrongs of his past and take down a shadowy terrorist group he once belonged to. With the world’s satellites and electrical weaponry having been wiped out, and warfare once again reduced to close combat between soldiers, Ivan must use a colourful array of weaponry to shoot, hack and bludgeon his way through any foe standing in the way of his attempt at redemption. With fast-paced combat and bone-crunching finishing moves galore, a day in the life of Ivan is anything but ordinary…

The game’s online multiplayer mode, meanwhile, offers up a grim future whereby the terrorists have won, and chaos reigns supreme. As an ordinary citizen, you can join a clan and help reclaim the United States by forming allegiances with other factions, or go all-out as a mercenary and endlessly assault other player’s bases, opting for anarchy over clan diplomacy! But at the heart of the online play is the ability to customise your base alongside other members of your clan, with successful battling resulting in rewards that can be used to improve your defences. With constant assaults from other clans, you’ll have to be on your toes to defend your territory.

Finally, we now have the official release dates for the game in Japan and Europe, and a rumoured date for North America. The game will be releasing in August 4th in Japan and August 28th in Europe. The European release will have only English voiceover and English and French on screen text. The North American version is rumoured to be released on the 28th of August too, by GameFly’s listing.