Dragon Quest VIII New Details and Screenshots

Square Enix has released another round of Dragon Quest VIII details.

This includes information on the Skill Master System, skills for Red and Morrie, monsters, and the High Speed battle mode.

You can find all the info below, together with a gallery containing several new screenshots.

Skill Master System

The Skill Master System, which boasts a long history in the Dragon Quest series, is the growth system used in Dragon Quest VIII. You can distribute the skill points you earn by leveling up to a variety of skills to learn various special skills and magic.

■ Red’s Special Skills

Red is a lady thief who didn’t appear in the original game and can learn “Fan” skills. She’s an attack type and can use other thief-like weapons suh as the dagger and whip.

A couple of her skills include:

“Folding Fan” (Fan skill)

“Twin Wave” (Whip skill) – Red bends her whip left and right and strikes the enemy with continuous attacks. Useful against groups of enemies.

■ Morrie’s Special Skills

Morrie is an old man with a unique sense. In addition to “Claw” skills, he can also wield other weapons such as club and hammers.

A couple of his skills include:

“Tiger Claw” (Claw skill)

“Morrie Burning” (Fervor skill)

When Morrie strikes a pose, flames whirl around him, and within an instant, the enemy is engulfed in a sea of flames.

■ Monsters

When you encounter enemies on the field, you’ll enter battle with the enemy. In addition to monsters that appeared in the original version, Dragon Quest VIII for 3DS will also introduce brand new monsters.

Returning monsters include:

  • Jailcat
  • Heligator
  • Dancing Devil
  • Satyr

New monsters include:

Morrie Devil

A monster who wears a Morrie costume. Does it have a connection to Morrie, or is it just your ordinary cosplay?

Slime Pudding

A delicious-looking Slime monster with whipped cream and a cherry on.

■ High-Speed Mode

A new command (“Speed”) has been added to the battle menu that lets you speed up the pace of battle. With this feature you can significantly reduce the length of battle. Players can change the battle speed at any time during battle. When in high-speed mode, the words “High Speed” will appear in the upper left of the screen.