Famitsu details on Fire Emblem If’s revamped weapons triangle

Famitsu magazine’s May 21st issue has recently been leaked and confirms that the weapons triangle has been revamped for this game.

According to the magazine, the weapons triangle now works like this:

Sword and Magic > Axe and Bow > Lance and Hidden Weapon > Sword and Magic

That means Swords and Magic are strong against Axes and Bows; Axes and Bows are strong against Lance and Hidden Weapons; and Lance and Hidden Weapons are strong against Swords and Magic.

Moreover, “Hidden Weapon” (for lack of a better term) refers to concealed weapons like, for example, knives and shurikens. This type of weapons is wielded by Ninjas, Maids and Butlers, and while lacking in strength they can reduce enemy stats.

Here’s some examples of how weapons have been reworked for this game:

  • Bronze Sword: Cannot critical hit, but boosts Critical Evade by 10;
  • Iron Sword: Prevents stat reduction(?)
  • Steel Sword: Avoid -5, lowers chance of a double attack
  • Silver Sword: Critical Evade -5, reduces enemy’s(?) Strength and Skill by 2
  • Brave Sword: Allows 2 consecutive attacks, Defence and Resistance -4
Felicia, the maid.

Curiously, although weapons no longer have a set durability, healing staves still have a limited number of uses.

Some new characters and classes are also revealed:

  • Felicia: Maid
  • Joker: Butler
  • Gunter: Great Butler
  • Suzukaze: Ninja
  • Saizou: Ninja
  • Kagerou: Ninja

Felicia, Joker, Gunter and Suzukaze will be allies during both scenarios, while Saizou and Kagerou will be your allies only during the Hoshido scenario.

In another leak, two more characters are shown. These are Cyrus, a Nohrian Cavalier, and Oboro, an Hoshidan Lance Fighter.

Other interesting details include, for example, how Oboro’s Iron Naginata has the property of Defence and Resistance +1, and Cyrus’s Iron Lance seems to have no apparent effects. Weapons can now grant Avoid as well.

Source – Special thanks to Serenes Forest for all the info!