3rd Party News Roundup March 6 2016 Feature

Feb. 29 to Mar. 6 3rd Party News Roundup

Bravely Second: End Layer

It was announced during the North American Direct that Bravely Second: End Layer will be getting an eShop demo on March 10.

North America also got a new story trailer for the game, which you can watch below:

Meanwhile, recent findings regarding the European version of the game indicate it has been considerably censored for western audiences.

Whereas the Japanese release has players picking a side when completing sidequests and seeing the consequences of their decisions being played out later, European copies always result in a “good” ending regardless of the choice. This is a bit sad, since it removes depth from the game’s plotline and its possible outcomes, which helped the player connect with the game and feel the results of his/her actions during his/her own adventure.

It has also been found that various character costumes for certain jobs have been altered in the European version so they don’t show as much skin. Here’s a video showcasing some of the differences:

Dragon Quest VII

The European and North American Directs mentioned once again that Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past will be coming to the 3DS later this year, while showing off some new footage.

You can also find a new batch of screenshots in the gallery below:

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3

Square Enix has recently released a new batch of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 assets which further detail the Great Riders Cup. You can find a roundup of the latest information (taken from Gematsu’s translation) and screenshots below.

– The Great Riders Cup is a new element that takes advantage of Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3’s ride system.
– In it, players Compete against other monster masters using monster ride techniques.
– The rules involve catching slimes on the field and bringing them back to your goal within a specified time limit.
– Each time you bring a slime back to your goal, you’ll earn a point, and the monster master who earns the most points in the end will be the winner.
– Chomach from the Nochora family is in charge of the Great Riders Cup reception desk.
– Different ranks exist within the Great Riders Cup, and clearing high ranks earns you various rewards.
– You start out by choosing a monster to ride.
– The level and size of the monster are irrelevant in the Great Riders Cup.
– You’ll then proceed to capturing slimes like previously mentioned, bringing them back to your goal to earn points.
– Players can choose to carry a number of slimes at the same time, letting you earn a large quantity of points all at once.
– Each monster has different abilities, including speed and attack techniques.
– Use an “Impact Stomp” allows you to attack the other party and take away their slimes.
– Various items will fall on the field and mastering these is crucial to compete against other monster masters.
– For example, Rockbombs can blow up the enemy’s goal.
– If you manage to carry back a gold slime to your goal, you’ll earn even more points.
– If you take first place, you’ll acquire a lot of experience points and, depending on the degree of difficulty, you may be able to obtain hard to acquire items.
– Players can play the Great Riders Cup alone, locally with friends or via Wi-Fi, with multiplayer letting you earn Communication Coins.
– A total of 4 players can participate in local battles, and you can use CPU enemies if you lack 4 people to play with.
– In Wi-Fi battles you compete with others in time attack battles to earn the decided score within the determined time.
– You can challenge players nationwide via online play.

Later in the week, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 was also covered in the latest issue of Jump magazine, uncovering some extra new details.

We learn that the game features a new mini-game called Master’s Road that uses the ride system. There are entrances to Master’s Road in various in-game places, which you can find by using a certain item named Heaven Guidance Stone. The objective in Master’s Road is to reach the goal while dealing with obstacles, even though something not yet specified yet awaits at the goal.

Jump also touches on dimensional rifts, which are gates to a parallel world. These rifts can’t be seen with the naked eye, but can be searched and detected with the players Reactor. When you go through them, you’ll enter a never before seen parallel world, which not only has strong monsters, but also Masters who can challenge you to a battle and will give you rewards upon victory.

You can find the relevant magazine scan below:

dragon-quest-monsters-joker-3-master-roadAce Attorney 6

Capcom has announced that Ace Attorney 6 will release on June 9 in Japan. The packaged version will cost 5,800 yen, while the digital version will cost 5,546 yen.

Capcom is planning on packaging a costume for Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice and Athena Cykes as a first-print bonus. Two scenarios will also be available with copies of the game via pre-order.

Ace Attorney 6 will also get some 3DS themes via pre-order bonuses at Japanese retailers.

Capcom’s own store will have a limited edition including a copy of the game, a drama CD, a Kuttari plush, a Bokuto Tsuani’s tote bag, a visual poster card book, and an original box.

During the livestream where these things were announced, it was confirmed that Maya Fey will be returning, with Pearl Fey being featured in some form in Ace Attorney 6 too. Miles Edgeworth and Klavier Gavin will be in pre-order episodes. A new character named Potdino Niwackus was also shown during the stream.

A web demo for the Japanese version of the game is now available on the official website, over here.

You can find the new trailer, screenshots and other promotional material below.

Monster Hunter Generations

It was announced during the North American and European Directs that Monster Hunter X is officially coming west. The 3DS title is being localized as Monster Hunter Generations and will be out this summer.

Players with a save file from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate will be able to unlock some extra bonus content. Moreover, Nintendo is collaborating with Capcom to include an armor in the game based on Marth’s armor from Fire Emblem.

Furthermore, Japan is getting another Monster Hunter X themed New 3DS XL via the “Hunting Life Starter Pack” coming out on April 28, which you can see pictured below.

CcqDsmtUYAAWHUQ.jpg largeNext, you can also find the announcement trailer, the collaboration trailer, and a recent livestream recording showcasing some gameplay of the english version of the game.



Ccp_SaCVIAAIoYT.jpg largeIt was announced during the Directs that Bandai Namco’s LOST REAVERS will be getting an open beta on April 14, with the western release on the Wii U eShop coming on April 28.

Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary

Sonic 25th Anniversary LogoSEGA will be celebrating Sonic the Hedgehog’s 25th Anniversary with a special panel at SXSW on March 19. Sonic creator Yuji Naka and Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka will be attending it, as well as other guests such as Roger Smith (Sonic’s voice actor) and Mike Pollock (Dr. Eggman’s voice actor). The Sonic the Hedgehog: 25 Year Anniversary panel will take place from 3:30 PM to 4:15 PM.

Here’s an official overview of the event:

“Sonic the Hedgehog is turning 25! After racing to the scene in 1991 on the “SEGA Genesis,” the little blue blur has seen it all: the great evolution of gaming – including the rise of online and mobile – international expansion, multiple TV series, and an ascension that’s made him an icon and veritable mascot of gaming itself. This panel will take an in-depth look at Sonic’s rich history across gaming, TV, merchandise and more, giving fans an inside glimpse directly from key figures in Sonic’s history. Join us as we celebrate the past and look to the future!”

Etrian Odyssey V

Atlus has finally announced Etrian Odyssey V via the latest issue of Famitsu magazine and Nintendo Direct. The game will be released in Japan on August 4.

The game is set in the world of Arcadia, where there are four dominant races: the Arslan (humans), the elf-like Lunaria, the Cerian who have animal-like ears and finally the dwarf-like Brani.

Here’s an overview of the story, courtesy of Gematsu:

“Arcadia,” a land dominated by swords and magic. A huge tree from ancient times called “Yggdrasil” exists here and is to be the reason that peace visits the world.

There is a legend about that World Tree. If you can manage to reach its untrodden summit, it is said that your dreams will come true.

“The power to dominate the world.” “The most powerful.” “The world’s mysteries.” “Expensive treasures.”

Although there are four races that live in this land, each has a different legend, but no person has been able to confirm them.

From the city “Aolith” at the bottom of Yggdrasil, the official orders are issued. In pursuit of the legend legend, the courageous adventurers who challenge Yggdrasil will gather in Aolith. And in accordance with official orders, you’ll be the one to gather those adventurers.

Whether it’s for wealth and honor, or to satisfy your sense of adventure, you’ll challenge the labyrinths and aim for the top of the World Tree.

Famitsu’s scans detail the following aspects of the game:


– Fencer – Skillfully wield pointed swords.
– Dragoon – Boast of defense as tough as a dragon.
– Cestus – Clear through battles with their tempered fists.
– Reaper – Fell enemies with sickles that bring death.
– Necromancer – Summoners that command the spirits of the dead.
– Warlock – Sages skilled in elemental attacks.
– Herbalist – Masters of healing with herbs.
– Shaman – Use mysterious powers to save their allies.
– Masurao – Warriors that weld four swords.
– Hound – Hunters that command falcons and dogs.

Other details:

– New FOEs – Hyppogriph, Hyppogriph, Momonga, Oumu, some sort of millipede.
– New race-based character creation system.
– You can choose eye, skin and hair colors regardless of your portrait design.
– You have class and race-specific skills.
– Similar to how Common skills were handled in Etrian Odyssey III, skills that are universal for your character’s race are accessed via a separate tab in the Custom menu.
– Can customize the icon sets that appear on your map menu.
– Party members can use team up to use Union Skills.
– Players have at least four portrait options per class.
– There’s a mute option that spans two buttons.
– There isn’t a single race skill. Instead, there’s an entire set of racial passive skills, some tiered, and most of which are single-level skills.
– Fencer skill set seems based around elemental chain and prediction/vision skills.
– Summoning doesn’t seem to use the sixth party slot, as one screen shows two aids in their own separate sections. Both have HP bars, though no TP.
– Aslan skill set includes fishing, analyze, double attack, magic heal, something about full power, and something about earth (ground).

A special CD is being prepared for the game as a first-print bonus, and the limited edition is comprised of the game, art book, soundtrack, DLC, and special packaging.

You can find the first trailer, screenshots and package shots below.

It is also worth noting that during the Etrian Odyssey V stream, Atlus suggested that the title could be the last numbered one in the series on 3DS. This reminded the staff about how Etrian Odyssey III was the last main entry on DS. Atlus is now concentrating and focusing its time on the game so they have no regrets.

Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns

CFTTBoxArtIt was announced during the Japanese Direct that Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns will be releasing on June 23 in Japan.

The latest Famitsu scans also share new information on the game, covering relationships, characters, multiplayer, and pets.

Rudeus is the groom candidate in Lulucoco Village, is skillful in creating farm circles and renovating houses, and gets along very well with the children in town. This village also has the twins Siuca and Iuca as bride candidates who are in charge of a tea house. They’re also Ludus’ childhood friends.

Players can form relationships in the game by talking to characters daily and giving them their favorite pendants. You can also give pendants as a way to confess to your girlfriend/boyfriend. However, if the relationship level is low they won’t accept your confession. Reverse confessions are back under certain requirements. Additionally, it’s still possible to have children after getting married, but it’s unknown if there are limits to this.

Famitsu indicates that the different areas in the game have different proposal items. For example, the Blue Feather is only used in Lulucoco.

Lulucoco houses a couple that has already been married. Zahaw is a fisherman and Karira owns a foodstuff shop. Sharuk (their son) wants to be like his father while Alma (daughter) likes playing and mischief.

Multiplayer is part of the features included in Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns, with both online and local play supported. Four players can gather together at a special island, which has a mysterious temple, where you can present an item to turn it into another item.

Marvelous is planning more variety in terms of pets in Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns. This includes more variation among the dog and cat breeds. The lineup of dog breeds consists of Husky, Shiba, Bernese, Doberman, Toy Poodle, Dachshund, Chihuahua and Beagle, among others. When it comes to cats, the lineup is Maine Coon, Scotty, Himalayan, Calico, Siamese, Tabby, American Shorthair, Bengal, and more. You can also own a Capybara as a pet.

While on the topic of Story of Seasons, the previous game (simply titled Story of Seasons in the west) ended up being XSEED’s fastest-selling game ever. As of last July, it has sold 100,000 copies in North America, surpassing even Rune Factory 4 in terms of sales. In an interview with Nintendo World Report, Tom Lipschultz commented on why he believes it sold so well despite no longer carrying the Harvest Moon name.

He said:

“Because Bokujo Monogatari fans know that STORY OF SEASONS is the new name for the series they’ve grown up with, and they’re very dedicated to that series. It could’ve been called anything in English (my suggestion was “Cornutopia,” though that got vetoed pretty quickly!), and fans would still know right off the bat that regardless of what it says on the cover, the game they’re playing is Bokujo Monogatari. With all the good will this series has built up over the years, and the consistent level of quality seen in the games that bear its name, it only stands to reason it would sell well. After all, when you buy a Bokujo Monogatari title, you know exactly what you’re getting, and you know before your system even powers on whether or not you’re going to like it.”

Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale

Return to PopoloCrois: A Story of Seasons Fairytale recently released in North America and due to that XSEED shared a new launch trailer for the game, which you can find below:

Yo-kai Sangokushi

Level-5 has released another commercial for Yo-Kai Sangokushi in Japan. Check it out below:

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

It was announced during the latest Directs that Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 will be releasing worlwide this upcoming Summer (Winter in Australasia) in the 3DS eShop.

The original game is also available in the 3DS eShop at a discounted price (of 33%) until April 1st, giving players a chance to catch up on the series so far.

Below, you can find Inti Creates’ official overview of the story and characters, followed by a trailer and screenshots.



The flames of war between adepts who possess supernatural septimal powers, and those who do not, are being fanned once again. Although some has passed since his battle with the Sumeragi Group, Gunvolt is called back to the battlefield once more to confront a formidable new enemy.


Gunvolt reprises his role as the main protagonist, and joining him this time around as a new playable character is Copen, Gunvolt’s rival from the first game. Between Gunvolt’s running & gunning, electrifying play style and Copen’s high-flying, acrobatic in-your-face play style, the two characters will feel very different from one another.

Since Copen’s the newcomer here as a playable character, let’s talk a little about what he can do. Copen can dash through the air, slam into his enemies to lock onto them, then unleash a devastating homing shot! Also, just like he did in the first game, Copen can copy the abilities of defeated bosses and use them as his own! Now that players can take control of Copen himself, the limitless possibilities of utilizing these new powers are waiting to be discovered!

Since we’re talking about the characters, let’s have a closer look Gunvolt, Copen, and a brand new character, Ouka!

Gunvolt (VA: Kaito Ishikawa)

Gunvolt is an incredibly powerful adept with the ability to control lightning. He fights using a gun that fires special darts that when locked onto an enemy, allow him to strike with pinpoint accurate electrical attacks.

The soul of a departed adapt named Joule now resides within him, and with them perfectly synchronized as one, his power has been increased to its absolute utmost limits.

Still reeling from the profound loss and pain he experienced from his past battles, his chance meeting with a girl named Ouka helped him get back on his feet.

Copen (VA: Kosuke Masuo)

Copen is the son a famous scientist whose research detailed the dangerous threat that adepts pose to society. To honor the dying wish of his late father, Copen fights to eradicate all adepts from the world.

While he may be a normal human without any septimal powers, his technological prowess and combat abilities exceed that of many adepts.

Since the events of the last game, Copen has completely revamped his gear. His new gear is designed for maximum mobility, which allows him to dash through the air and perform mid-air attacks like never before. He is also now accompanied by LoLo, a combat bot that aids him offense, defense, and mobility.

Ouka (VA: Reina Kondo)

Ouka is an ordinary girl with no septimal powers. Recently, she was on the wrong end of a nasty encounter with a murderous adept, and only made it out alive thanks to Gunvolt. Since that day, she has been taking shelter at Gunvolt’s home.

Ouka was born into a family that runs a massive financial conglomerate, and lived by herself, hidden away from society in a large estate until the day that she crossed paths with Gunvolt.

She can be a bit of an airhead sometimes, but she has a kind and gentle demeanor, and is a tremendous moral support for Gunvolt.

Culdcept Revolt

The Japanese Nintendo Direct provided an update on Culdcept Revolt. The game will be releasing sometime in June in Japan.

Culdcept Revolt features a mix of board game, JRPG and card gameplay. Over 400 cards will be included. Kinu Nishimura, who has worked on the Street Fighter series, is handling character designs.

You can watch some gameplay footage and take a look at the characters during this part of the direct:

Medabots Girls Mission

Rocket Company has introduced three new characters for Medabots Girls Mission ahead of the game’s release in Japan next month. They are as follows:

– Akane Suzumaru (voiced by Sayaka Kunimatsu) Medabot: Asterios
– Kurumi Ayano (voiced by Marika Kono) Medabot: Arc Beedle
– Lily Rouge (voiced by Shiho Seki) Medabot: God Emperor

Rather than being playable, these three characters are buddy characters. Each one is only available by clearing difficult side missions. They can also be defeated with Hyper Finishes.

A Medabots Girls Mission one-shot manga is also in the works, which is being drawn by Z-Ton and will be published twice in Dengeki Maoh. The April issue (out since February 27) features Megumi Kaidou and Rokusho from the Kuwagata Ver., and the May issue (out March 26) will focus on Minori Houjou and Metabee from Kabuto Ver.

You can take a look at the newly announced characters and manga in the gallery below:

Zero Time Dilemma

CcZwSjQVIAApRAa.jpg largeThe Crash Keys Twitter account has once again given us another piece of character art from Zero Time Dilemma. Above, you can take a look at Participant 8.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Back in January, the Bloodstained team asked fans for feedback regarding the game’s shaders. Four different background/character options were made available back then, and the winning shader has now been announced.

“Background 3 / Character 3” was the top selection. It received more than half the votes as well as twice as many as the next-most-popular option.

Main designer Koji Igarashi shared the following comment in a Kickstarter update:

“Like the shader poll results, we’ve decided on Character Shader 3 / Background Shader 3. Since the new character shader was so well received, we’ve also made a video of Miriam’s 3D model, reflecting some of the most recent changes we’ve made.

We thought cosplayers would especially like to see the back view of her design. The camera is the only thing that moves in the first half of the video; in the second, we’ve demonstrated the shader effect by moving the light source, as well. Please enjoy.”

And here’s the video showcasing the chosen shader applied to Miriam’s 3D model:

Disney Art Academy

N3DS_DisneyArtAcademy_case_pkg01Disney Art Academy was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct presentations. The game will release in Japan on April 7, North America on May 13, and Europe and Australasia on July 15. It teaches you how to draw popular Disney and Pixar characters.

You can find the Japanese introduction trailer and some screenshots below.

Virtual Console

Below you can find a Japanese trailer for Capcom’s Gameboy Advance title Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations on the Wii U Virtual Console.

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