Fire Emblem If System Characters Feature

Fire Emblem If – Japanese Site and Weekly Famitsu Translations + New Character Profiles

After all the info we got from Sunday’s Nintendo Direct and yesterday’s My Castle video details, today we have another big batch of information for Fire Emblem If.

Thanks to our friends at Kantopia, we now have translations for the Japanese site’s “System” page and several character profiles from the “Characters” page.

They also translated today’s leaked scans of the weekly Famitsu magazine edition, containing several new character profiles too.

(They promised higher quality translated scans once the magazine is out tomorrow, so I probably will update this post later with those.)

You can check all the translated material below:

Fire Emblem If System Page Translationcharacters531 protagonisttranslated1 aquatranslated1ryoumatranslated takumitranslated hinokatranslatedsakuratranslated mikototranslated tsukuyomitranslated rinkatranslated orochitranslated marxtranslatedleontranslated camillatranslated elisetranslated garontranslated nixtranslated charlottetranslatedbenoittranslated gunthertranslated feliciatranslated jokertranslated suzukazetranslated cyrustranslated1fami0406-nohr1tra fami0406-hoshido1tra