Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories Announcement Feature

Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories E3 2015 Details

Our friends at PC Gamer got to play a short demo of Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories running at Natsume’s E3 2015 booth last week, and have recently shared some details about said demo.

Check them out below:

– E3 demo was running on iPad;
– The game is one month into development;
– It will be out this winter;
– The demo was a small town square with a few NPCs to talk to and some houses that can’t yet be entered;
– Farming, dating, getting married and having a kid will all be in the full game. Terraforming won’t be back though;
– The E3 demo had one other screen available to walk in, with a farm to the east and a mountain to the north (both not built yet);
– It has 2D graphics, since the team wants to go back to the classic 16-bit style of the older Harvest Moon games;
– 3D models were flattened into 2D objects;
– All versions will look the same;
– Natsume is planning to add features to Seeds of Memories for the Wii U/PC releases over mobile;
– Wii U and PC versions will cost more than the iPad one;
– Devs are still discussing what features will be in.