Japanese Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow, May 31

Nintendo has announced it will hold a Nintendo Direct presentation in Japan this coming Sunday, May 31. It will be focused on 3DS and Wii U titles that are scheduled for a Summer release.

If you visit our Release Calendar you will see that there are at least 14 titles planned for a Summer release, so you can probably expect a good number of those titles to show up during the Direct, such as Fire Emblem If and Rhythm Heaver: The Best+.

Mr. Morimoto is the man standing on the right, next to Mr. Iwata.

This time around, the Direct won’t be presented by company president Satoru Iwata. Instead, it will be hosted by Mr. Morimoto, who is part of the local PR team.

I still don’t know if I will be able to watch it while it’s airing, but I will still cover any news later in the day even if that’s not possible, so stay tuned!

Here’s a breakdown of the airing hours and the Youtube stream so you can follow it tomorrow:

11 AM in the UK
12 PM in Europe