3rd Party News Roundup July 24 2016 Feature

July 18 to 24 3rd Party News Roundup

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

GameSpot has posted a video on Dragon Quest VII from its showing at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. You can watch it below:

Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom has announced on Twitter that Monster Hunter Generations will be receiving monthly DLC. Here’s the message:

Besides that, Digital Foundry has put up a video showing off how Monster Hunter Generations performs on regular 3DS systems compared to the New 3DS. Both offer the same effects and frame rate for the most part, but the New 3DS does have the usual advantage with loading times. You can find the analysis below:

Monster Hunter Stories

Capcom has released a ton of new clips for Monster Hunter Stories, covering he various monsters you can find in it. The game was also shown again in the latest Capcom TV episode, which you can find below after all the clips.










Capcom TV Footage


Aikatsu Stars! First Appeal

Aikatsu Stars! First Appeal is now available on the Japanese 3DS eShop as a free-to-play game. As such, Bandai Namco has published a couple trailers for the game, in addition to a commercial. You can find those below:

Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters

The official website for Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters has recently been updated with some new content. The latest information and screenshots cover Stack Attack and ten Appmon included in the game.

Here’s a roundup of the details, courtesy of Gematsu:

System: Stack Attack

– Combine the power of fellow Appmon to power up
– Add Chips to make an Appmon’s attack more powerful
– Players should choose the same attribute as much as they can to “Stack” App skills
– There are many of the same type, for example: combine the phone, search, and e-mail apps for a “6 Combo Damage +65%”, offering a much stronger than normal attack
– Form a deck to suit characters of each attribute

Appmon Core to the Story

– Onmon (Game Attribute): An online game Appmon. He loves connected things.
– Offmon (Game Attribute): An offline game Appmon. He loves disconnected things.

Appmon with Various Attributes

– Gacchimon (Social Attribute): A search app Appmon. It can learn a variety of information with its search abilities.
– Navimon (Navigation Attribute): A navigation app Appmon that guides you to your place of destination. He has an upfront personality, and hates side-trips and detours.
– Cameramon (Tool Attribute): A camera app Appmon. A go-getter cameraman, he uses the world of cameras to monitor his opponents from the net world.
– Hackmon (???): As an hacking app Appmon, he is good at seeing through a program’s weak spots and tampering with it. He has a dangerous ability that could lead the world to danger depending on how it’s used.
– Dokamon (Game Attribute): An action game app Appmon. He is rowdy by nature and loves fighting strong opponents.
– Musimon (Entertainment Attribute): A music app Appmon. He creates music that moves peoples’ hearts.
– Viramon (Life Attribute): As a virus app Appmon, he is able to create a variety of viruses within him, and is a dangerous existence whose viruses are capable of making Appmon go mad.

Appmon Evolved through AppFusion

– Dogacchimon (Social Attribute): The AppFusion evolved form of Gacchimon and Navimon. His special attack is “Dogacchi Buster”.

And here are all the screenshots showcasing the various Appmon, among other things.

One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

Bandai Namco has recently shared more information about three systems in One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum. They are as follows:

1. Real-Time Switch & D Assist

You can switch between two characters at anytime in the game. When using assist characters, the attacks will not only be flashy but also have special effects. Each character will have different assist moves.

2. Jet Slide

After a Jet Combo connects, you can juggle the enemy and follow up with 3 kinds of aerial moves.

3. Gigant Combo & Rio Gigant Combo

Pushing the Finisher button at the end of a combo will launch a Super Finisher move. When the Finisher Gauge is maxed out, it will become Rio Gigant Combo.

The game also features a “Let’s Make a Pirate Band” mode. The objective of this is to make the strongest pirate band. The more you take on challenges, the stronger you become. Growth will be different based on the short story.

It’s up to the player how they compose their own strongest pirate band. It can be played multiple times to further strengthen characters.

Confirmed characters thus far include:

Playable characters

– Monkey D. Luffy
– Akainu
– Cavendish
– Donquixote Doflamingo
– Bartolomeo

Assist characters

– Diamante
– Trebol
– Pica
– Rebecca
– Sai
– Hajrudin
– Orlumbus
– Ideo
– Leo
– Blue Gilly
– Jesus Burgess

First-print exclusive assist characters

– Whitebeard
– Marco
– Jozu

Finally, a One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum demo will hit the Japanese 3DS eShop on July 27.

You can also find some new screenshots and a commercial below:


Project Sonic 2017

SEGA recently announced that Sonic Team is developing Project Sonic 2017 at a party to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog. Project Sonic 2017 appears to feature both Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic, and should be releasing on Holiday of this year, except for the NX which it’s releasing on too.

You can find the trailer below:

Yo-kai Watch 3

Yo-kai Watch 3 is now out in Japan, so we got another couple of commercials during the week, and a first look at the game, thanks to NintenDaan. You can check out the videos below:

Besides that, Media Create has reported that both versions of Yo-kai Watch 3 sold a total of 632,000 copies in its first week (July 16 and July 17), selling through 63.07% of the initial shipment.

Moreover, Yo-kai Watch 3 obtained the highest first week sales of all games released so far since the start of the year. However, the series saw a big decline in comparison to the last entry (Yo-kai Watch 2), which experienced first week sales of 1,317,000 copies with a 92.16% sell-through rate. It also failed to match the sales of spin-off title Yo-kai Watch Busters. That game arrived in July 25 with 694,000 copies sold in its first week and a 73.60% sell-through rate. Keep in mind that the first week of Yo-kai Watch 3 only accounts for two days, so that might play into the numbers too.

When it comes to the hardware front, New 3DS sales increased by 136.68% when compared to last week. Since Yo-kai Watch 3 connects with NFC and related toys, it is thought that this has caused an urge in the demand to trade off from the old 3DS model.

Meanwhile, Level-5 has announced that the Yo-kai Watch series has sold over ten million units in Japan, and franchise sales are now at 10,438,903 copies across all games. The number was calculated based on data collected between July 11, 2013 and July 17, 2016, and excluding digital sales.

Yo-kai Watch 2 is still the best performer in the series, which managed to move 3,178,000 units overall.

Inazuma Eleven

inazuma-gouenjiLevel-5 recently held a live stream and briefly touched on the new Inazuma Eleven game which will be unveiled at the upcoming Level-5 Vision, and we now know that fans have decided to bring back Axel Blaze to be in the next game, following a vote.

Here are the full results:

Gouenji Shuuya – 21.3%
Aphrodi (Afuro Terumi) – 15.8%
Gran (Hiroto Kiyama) – 12.7%
Kazemaru Ichirouta – 12.6%
Fudou Akio – 11.9%
Kidou Yuuto – 10.7%
Sakuma Jirou – 6.0%
Ichinose Kazuya – 5.0%
Reize (Midorikawa Ryuuji) – 4.2%

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village

harvest-moon-skytree-village-limited-editionNIS America is has teamed up with Natsume to release a limited edition for Harvest Moon: Skytree Village later this year.

Those who purchase the package will receive a copy of the game, Collector’s Box, 44-page softcover art book in full color, original soundtrack with jewel case, six lapel pin set, and a blue feather rubber strap keychain.

It will sell for $49.99, and pre-orders are up on the NIS America store here.

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Inti Creates has recently shared more details about Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. The latest information describes another three bosses: Tenjian, Desna, and Milas.

Tenjian, “The Frozen Blade”  (VA: Hiroshi Watanabe)
“The weak yield to the strong–as you will yield to my blade!”

Tenjian has the ability to freeze solid anything in his path with his “Permafrost” septima. He wields a total of seven ice-covered bladed weapons made up of swords, sickles, and chakrams in combat. His ingenuity is easily one of his strongest traits. and one of the qualities that allowed him to become the leader of The Seven.

His bladed arsenal isn’t just sharp, though. The blades on his weapons are frozen at temperatures that plummet below even absolute zero, to the point where simply coming into contact with them will cause the person’s molecular structure to lose its pliability, causing them to shatter where they stand.

Tenjian’s attacks:

– Eihyozan (Shadow Ice Slash)
Close-range attack with the straight sword. The slash becomes an ice wall and remains there.
– Engetsurin (Circle Moon)
Long-range attack with two moon rings. Has looping trajectories that will confuse the player.
– Toretsudan (Frozen Ardent Cut)
Unpredictable falling attack that continues with stabbing attack with double-edged sword.
– All Freeze
Tenjian’s Seventh Sense which freezes the surrounding area for an instant. Be careful of the slippery floor.
– Hyoka Setsudan (Ice Flower Cut)
Tenjian’s strongest technique. He traps the player inside an ice pillar with All Freeze, then crushes the pillar.

Tenjian’s stage: Freeze -Frozen City-

Tenjian takes over a giant hotel and engulfs an entire city with ice. Gunvolt and Copen each infiltrate the hotel in order to save the city. Despite having the same enemy, the two are also in conflict against each other, so they might inevitably clash here.

Desna, “The Starstruck Beauty”  (VA: Jenya)
“The starlight whispers many secrets to me.”

She’s an adept who possesses the “Splitting Ends” septima which allows her to control a seemingly limitless supply of phantasmagorical hair. A rather enigmatic girl, she loves astrology and joined up with Eden under the pretense of being an oracle of the stars. She has incredibly high level accuracy with her fortune telling, so much so that many members of Eden revere her like an idol, oftentimes going so far so to refer to her as a goddess. She does not look at herself in this manner at all, though.

Desna’s attacks:

– Neo Wulf
She extends her hardened hair like a blade.
– See-Through Bang
Long-range attack where she splits her hair into multiple small drills, and launches them against Copen.
– Twist
She makes her hair gigantic and spins them to form a tornado and approaches Copen. She is invincible during Twist, so player should focus on avoiding.
– Grunge Wave
Hides some hair on the ground and then points them up.
– Entangle Blonde
Desna’s special skill. A large-scale attack where she stretches her hair all around to trap Copen. Once Copen is caught, a swarm of hair whips will assault him.

Desna’s stage: Sky Tower -Tangled-

Desna captures Sumeragi’s orbital elevator as she aims for the research data of Cyber Diva inside it. Copen goes to the Sky Tower to prevent the data from falling into Eden’s hands.

Milas, “The Aquadynamic Merman” (VA: Takaki Ohtomari)
“I, Milas, fight for nothing less than the ocean itself.”

He is an adept with the “Ichor” septima that enables him to manipulate all kinds of liquid matter. He’s a pretty eccentric guy who loves the sea more than anything else in this world who joined up with Eden as a means to continue his life’s work of preserving the world’s oceans. His veracious and lively nature has gained him many comrades who adore him, however, when it comes to those who stand in his way, he shows no mercy whatsoever.

With his Ichor septima, he is able to manipulate essentially any kind of liquid, however, for some reason, perhaps due the nature of his personality, he is pretty bad at manipulating any liquids that are not fresh water or ocean water.

Milas’ attacks:
– Aqua Trident
He stabs his trident on the floor to raise a water blade from the ground.
– Harp Boomerang
He changes the harp on his waist to a boomerang and throws it.
– Splash Dash
A high-speed movement that raises a large quantity of water spray. If the player gets pushed by the spray and hits the trident, they will fall victim to the water blade.
– Vortex Slash
He launches multiple water tornadoes. When Gunvolt is trapped in one of them, a Harp Boomerang will go after him.
– Hydro Zapper
Shoots a special electrolyte at super-high pressure. Touching it will cause an overheat, so avoid it at all costs.
– Aqua Avatar
Milas’ special skill. Assaults Gunvolt with multiple water copies. Can the player distinguish between the real and copy bodies in this composite attack?

Milas’ stage: Raging Stream -Water-

Gunvolt receives a report that Eden members have entered an underground waterway. Their aim is assumed to be cutting the lifeline by capturing the water supply facility. Gunvolt tries to infiltrate the underground waterway to prevent large-scale terrorism.

Besides this, you can find more screenshots, artwork, and gameplay footage of the game below.

Puzzle & Dragons X

Another couple of Puzzle & Dragons X videos have been released showing off multiplayer gameplay. Check them out below:

Culdcept Revolt

Culdcept Revolt has recently been featured in Denjin Getcha after its release in Japan. You can watch the episode in question below:

Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure

gurumin-3dThe Twitter account for Gurumin recently hosted a fan Q&A session and shared some new details about the game in the process. Below, you can find a round up of the information revealed while it took place:

– The game is fully 3D
– “some redrawn help stuff”
– New lower screen
– Could come to Wii U or NX if the game does well on 3DS
– Not using the same textures as the PC version since it’s technically impossible
– Moving a traditional 3D platforming game to true stereoscopic 3D has been the greatest challenge
– You can switch headgear on the lower screen
– Will support the C Stick on New 3DS
– Runs at 30 FPS
– Is mainly based on the PSP version (which has more costumes)
– A 3DS theme is “very likely”

Shadow of the Eternals

Denis Dyack has shared that Shadow of the Eternals is still alive, and has provend it recently with a new “1942” teaser video. Not much is shown, but we are indeed able to see “Bathory’s Castle”. Check it out below:

LEGO Dimensions

Warner Bros. Interactive announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 that six collectable expansion packs are launching for LEGO Dimensions on November 18.

All of the LEGO minifigures included in wave 6-9 expansion packs feature special, golden Toy Tags which unlock a Battle Arena within the Adventure World of the corresponding entertainment brand.

Battle Arenas provide players with the “first-to-LEGO videogames competitive split-screen local gameplay for up to four players. Each Battle Arena has four gameplay modes and comes with its own traps, special powers and interactive environments that make every battle arena unique”.

You can find a summary of the new LEGO Dimensions packs below, followed by a new batch of screenshots and photos.

The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack will provide a complete movie-based gameplay experience with six action-packed levels and new LEGO Gateway bricks to build the Magical Congress of the United States of America (MACUSA) atop the LEGO Toy Pad. Players can build the Newt Scamander LEGO minifigure and help him find his escaped magical creatures in New York City and use a variety of spells, including Diffindo, Reparo and Lumos. The pack will also come with a 3-in-1 Niffler which can be rebuilt into the Sinister Scorpion and Vicious Vulture. The Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Story Pack will be the exclusive construction toy offering this holiday for the exciting expansion of J.K Rowling’s Wizarding World.

Fans can also add the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Fun Pack with a Tina Goldstein LEGO minifigure. She can cast Aguamenti to help solve puzzles and Protego to keep her safe from enemies. Players in need of rescue can build the 3-in-1 Swooping Evil which can be rebuilt into the Brutal Bloom and Crawling Creeper.

The Sonic The Hedgehog Level Pack includes a complete level of Sonic The Hedgehog gameplay where players can race as the Blue Blur at lightning speeds through some of his most iconic locations including Green Hill, Emerald Coast, Labyrinth and many more. Players can build the Sonic the Hedgehog LEGO minifigure and use his Acrobat ability to swing off poles and avoid the Badniks, then use his famous grind rails move to make a quick escape. The pack also includes a 3-in-1 Sonic Speedster which can be rebuilt into Blue Typhoon and Motobug, and a 3-in-1 The Tornado which can be rebuilt into Crabmeat and Eggcatcher.

Players wanting to bring Gremlins to life in LEGO Dimensions can add the Gremlins Team Pack which includes popular rivals Gizmo and Stripe LEGO minifigures. Gizmo’s Combat Roll and Dash Attack abilities can be used to get him out of sticky situations and Stripe uses his claws with his Vine Cut ability. Players can rebuild the 3-in-1 R.C. Racer vehicle into the Gadget-o-matic and Scarlet Scorpion and the 3-in-1 Flash ‘n’ Finish into a Rampage Record Player and Stripe’s Throne

The E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Fun Pack includes an E.T. LEGO minifigure with Illumination and Fix-It abilities, as well as special Stealth and Telekinesis skills to make his way around the LEGO multiverse. Players can build E.T.’s iconic Phone Home device, then rebuild it into the Mobile Uplink and Super-Charged Satellite for additional in-game abilities.

Fans of “Land of Ooo” can add a Fun Pack based on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time with a Marceline the Vampire Queen LEGO minifigure. Players can activate her Sonar Smash and Bolt Deflector abilities using the Marceline Axe Guitar to solve puzzles and battle enemies. They can also build and use Marceline’s Lunatic Amp to make some noise, and then rebuild it into the Shadow Scorpion and Heavy Metal Monster for extra in-game powers. The pack will release in North America first at Toys “R” Us.

Besides this, below you can find a trailer showcasing Sonic’s participation in LEGO Dimensions, and a video by IGN showing off new footage of LEGO Dimensions from San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Virtual Console

Below you can find trailers for several 3rd party games that have recently been released for the Japanese Virtual Console on both Wii U and the New 3DS.

Salamander (Konami, MSX)

Mega Man X2 (SNES, Capcom)

Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting (SNES, Capcom)

Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts (SNES, Capcom)