Zero Escape 3 July 3 Feature

Kotaro Uchikoshi says Zero Escape 3 will be more philosophical and answer questions form Virtue’s Last Reward

Kotaro Uchikoshi, the creator of the Zero Escape series, shared a few extra details about the series’ third entry while speaking with IGN.

He started the interview by saying that moral elements “will be the main theme” in this new project.

“Your way of thinking, values, virtues will be intensely [shaken] during this game, This game is even more philosophical than the past volumes. Of course it’ll be entertaining too!”

He also confirmed that Zero Escape 3 will answer all remaining questions from Virtue’s Last Reward, and added that “as a story [Zero Escape] will definitely end at Volume 3.”

“I intend to answer every mystery left during VLR and the mysteries in ZE3 would be solved as well. This game will not end in a cliffhanger. However please take it as one break…if there are still fans requesting, I can not deny that there will not be new incidents arriving either.”

Finally, Uchikoshi commented on how fan response led to 999 eventually becoming a trilogy.

“I wasn’t thinking of doing a continuation during 999. However thanks to fans world wide giving the game a high praise it grew into a series. I am very thankful for this. Especially for Volume 2 and 3, my intentions were them being paired as a set so I really wanted to make Volume 3 happen.”