Langrisser Re Incarnation Character Details June 22 Feature

Langrisser Re:Incarnation Details about Lugner and Mariel

Siliconera translated a number of details about Lugner and Mariel, two characters in Langrisser Re:Incarnation.

Here’s a breakdown of the information:

Lugner Menteur (CV:Ei Mochizuki):

– He is the Commander-in-chief that leads the army of the Brightness faction and the Bishop of the Goddess Luciris’ teachings;
– His beautiful looks are uncommon;
– They say that there’s more to him than just his good looks;
– His father was a craftsman, but also a drunkard;
– This had a huge effect on Lugner’s early life;
– He hides such a past with bright smiles, but behind that is a more serious and dark reality that not many know of;
– He uses his excellent negotiation skills and his keen senses as his weapon;
– He put in a lot of effort to rise to the top as a bishop, but still remains ambitious.

Mariel Sarlus (CV: Ayano Yamamoto):

– She is a Priestess of the Brightness faction;
– Supports Jessica;
– She’s a gentle lady who is always happy and smiling;
– Is of noble origins, but knows her way through battle;
– She lives a laidback lifestyle during her off-time;
– When she speaks with others, she’s full of affection, but even when she understands what they’re trying to say, she’ll still make an attempt to make small arguments, just for the sake of it;
– Has a gentle character and means no harm.