3rd Party News Roundup May 22 2016 Feature

May 16 to 22 3rd Party News Roundup

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice

Capcom has recently announced the first piece of DLC that will come to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice in Japan, at least for now. The “Turnabout that Crosses Time” will be a plotline that takes place after the story of the regular game, and will only be playable when the main story is completed. The DLC will launch on June 30th, and will be free to all players until July 21st. It is described as a complete volume, containing investigation and courtroom sections, and starring Phoenix Wright, Maya Fey, Miles Edgeworth, and Phoenix’s childhood friend, Larry Butz.

You can find a video detailing this DLC below, and a livestream Capcom recently held about it too. The video has been subbed by Bolt2nd from Court-Records.

Another video focusing on the game’s Seance Vision mechanic was also release by Capcom, which you can find next.

Finally, in celebration of Ace Attorney’s 15th anniversary, a Figma figure based on Phoenix Wright has been announced to be in production. Good Smile Company has yet to share a release date or price, though.

You can take a look at the work-in-progress model in the gallery below:

Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom has announced yet another collaboration for Monster Hunter Generations. Players will be able to equip their Felynes with Arthur’s Lance and Knight Armor from Ghosts n’ Goblins.

You can find a trailer showcasing this collaboration below:

Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure

Bandai Namco held a live stream for the Taiko Drum Master series during the week and, as expected, Taiko Drum Master: Dokodon! Mystery Adventure was featured heavily.

A new debut trailer was shown, which you can watch below, and several new collaborations were confirmed for the game.

The newly announced collaborations include:

Kirby and King Dedede (Kirby)
Rakitama (Kami-sama Minarai: Himitsu no Kokotama)
Korosensei (Assassination Classroom)

In terms of songs, these are the latest ones that have been confirmed:

Namco Originals:

Yamatai★Night Party (Yuuya Kobayashi (IOSYS) feat.Chiyoko)
Yami no Mahou Shoujo (Silver Forest feat.Aki)
Gunslinger Cinderella
Mahoujin -Summon Delta-
Souryuu no Ran (Zeami)

Namco Original Pack 1 (available for free within the first week after launch, 500 yen after that):

Densetsu no Matsuri
Yuugen no Ran
Shikou no Ran (Zeami)
Fuun Shishi
Tabaneito (Harunaba feat.Chihiro Ishiguro)

Monthly free DLC tracks through August:

June . Umi no Koe
August – Sekai Fushigi Hakken! Opening Theme

The latest issue of Famitsu also shared a few extra details regarding the aforementioned collaborations:

– From Kirby: Kirby and King Dedede. Contrary to their cute looks, they also have powerful performances.
– From Studio Ghibli: Mauchu from the Taiko no Tatsujin 15th anniversary animation.
– From Assassination Classroom: Korosensei. He has a Taiko Magic named “Healing Time” which recovers ally HP.
– From Kanasama Minarai: Himitsu no Kokotama: Rakitama. It can recover ally HP.
– From Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright: Defense type character who reduces damage taken by other ally characters.

These characters will be specifically available in the game’s RPG-like Mystery Adventure mode, where players can travel around different areas and battle various enemies. Bandai Namco is including more than 100 monsters in it.

My Hero Academia: Battle for All

Bandai Namco recently shared a final character trailer for My Hero Academia: Battle for All, featuring All Might. You can find it below, followed by some gameplay footage by V Jump and ShonenGameZ.


Dragon Ball: Fusions

This month’s issue of V Jump has an update on Dragon Ball: Fusions, confirming that the title is coming out on August 4 in Japan. The game has not yet been announced for other territories however.

V Jump also reveals a new fusion between Gohan and Trunks known as “Gohanks”. This is a collaboration between Fusions and another Dragon Ball game, Dragon Ball Heroes. There are two versions of Gohanks, and it’s possible to have both fusion versions in each game.

Here are the details:

– To have Dragon Ball Heroes Gohanks in Dragon Ball Fusions: when playing Heroes, a QR code to unlock him in Fusions will appear, so scan it in Fusions.
– To have Dragon Ball Fusions Gohanks in Dragon Ball Heroes: the first print incentive for Fusions contains a code card that can be inputted in Dragon Ball Heroes.

You can find the latest V Jump scans in the gallery below:

One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum

According to the latest issue of Jump, One Piece: Great Pirate Colosseum is also in development for 3DS now.

Specifics about the game are largely unknown at the moment, but it’s confirmed to be a 2D battle action game, and features a mode where you sail around the world and build a team of your favorite pirates. By defeating rivals, your prize money will steadily increase. Combos and simple controls are also featured.

You can find a scan of the magazine announcement below:

one-piece-great-pirate-colosseum7th Dragon III Code: VFD

SEGA began the week by releasing a new trailer for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD showcasing the RPG’s battle system. You can take a look at it below:

Next, SEGA shared some information about DLC planned for the game.

A free in-game bonus item will be distributed at launch, the Nagamimi doll. It will be free forever, and provides unique voice interactions between it and whatever voice actor you selected for your protagonist (of the 40 to choose from).

Seven additional DLC quests will also become available, that can either help players collect XP/money boosts and unlockable characters, or challenge players with a post-game boss rush. Here’s the full list of extra content:

Quest: Seed Outbreak!

Price: $1.49/CA$1.99


Description: Encounter Dragonsbane Seeds for extra XP and money.

Quest: Gold Rabi Outbreak!

Price: $1.49/CA$1.99
Description: Encounter Gold Rabis for extra XP and money.

Quest: Code: Student!

Price: $1.99/CA$2.49
Description: Recruit the Samurai character from 7th Dragon 2020

Quest: Code: Otaku!

Price: $1.99/CA$2.49
Description: Recruit the Hacker character from 7th Dragon 2020

Quest: Code: Lucier!

Price: $1.99/CA$2.49
Description: Recruit the Lucier character from 7th Dragon 2020-II

Quest: To My Beloved Unit 13

Price: $1.49/CA$1.99
Description: Prepare for post-game. Unlock ultimate weapons for all classes and a “Blaster Raven” character

Quest: Allie’s Death March

Price: $1.49/CA$1.99
Description: A test for the bravest dragon hunters, beware. Unlock a boss rush of nearly every encounter in the game pumped up to max level. EXTREME!

Bonus Item: Nagamimi Doll

Price: Free
Description: Obtain a talking Nagamimi bunny doll in your apartment!

Note that game progression is required to encounter DLC content, and that “To My Beloved Unit 13” is only activated post-game.

Finally, Dan Sheridan mentioned in a SEGA Central video that there are currently no plans by SEGA to bring 7th Dragon III Code: VFD to Europe, but added that “There’s nothing we can confirm today, but we are looking to see if it’s something we can make happen.”

Etrian Odyssey V

Atlus has recently shared a new batch of info about Etrian Odyssey V, such as character customization, which was previously covered, and new details on two new locations. It also includes various screenshots.

The first of the locations mentioned above is Jenetta’s Inn, where you can heal the party and save your game, as well as deposit and withdraw items. Cows and chickens that are captured in dungeons are also kept here, and the innkeeper, Jenetta, will look after them and provide you with eggs, milk, and more ingrediants.

The second location is The Witch’s Twilight Pavilion, which is run by a woman named Melina. In it, you can take on quests for rewards, as well as get information from other adventurers.

You can find the various screenshots in the gallery below, which is followed by new trailers for the Reaper and Necromancer classes, and several new pieces of footage. But before all that, here’s a look at the game’s boxart:


Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns

Marvelous recently published a new trailer for Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns, which you can watch below. The trailer gives a good overview of the game’s various aspects, like farming, raising animals, forming relationships with other characters and so on.

Yo-kai Watch 2

N5b5DyrXjm107GUdZrTu97o8-5wayp04Nintendo has recently announced it is bringing Yo-kai Watch 2 to North America on September 30.

As in Japan, the game will be available in two versions: Yo-kai Watch 2: Bony Spirits and Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls.

Here’s an overview of the game:

All things Yo-kai continue on Sept. 30 when YO-KAI WATCH 2 launches in the U.S. exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Already a huge hit in Japan, the sequel to the first smash hit, which is once again developed by LEVEL-5, offers the same deep RPG gameplay and wacky adventures as the first game. The new adventure also offers many new areas to explore outside of Springdale, more than 100 new Yo-kai, a new-and-improved in-game Yo-kai Watch and even the ability to travel back in time! YO-KAI WATCH 2 will also launch with two versions, YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH 2: Fleshy Souls, each featuring rare Yo-kai that can only be found in their respective games.

In addition to the game, new toys are planned for this fall, including the Yo-kai Watch Model Zero, a new series of collectible Yo-Motion Yo-kai Medals, plus custom Yo-kai Watch accessories, large plush toys and electronic figures. The Yo-kai Watch Trading Card Game is also debuting, and the second series of the show will be airing on Disney XD. More details can be found below:

REDMOND, Wash., May 16, 2016 – The Yo-kai phenomenon continues in 2016. The U.S. has seen the launches of the YO-KAI WATCH video game for Nintendo 3DS, a line of Hasbro toys and games, a top-rated animated series that airs on Disney XD and the mobile game sensation YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble all in the last six months. The world of Yo-kai continues to grow as new video games, toys and shows make their way stateside this year.

All things Yo-kai continue on Sept. 30 when YO-KAI WATCH 2 launches in the U.S. exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. Already a huge hit in Japan, the sequel to the first smash hit, which is once again developed by LEVEL-5, offers the same deep RPG gameplay and wacky adventures as the first game. The new adventure also offers many new areas to explore outside of Springdale, more than 100 new Yo-kai, a new-and-improved in-game Yo-kai Watch and even the ability to travel back in time! YO-KAI WATCH 2 will also launch with two versions, YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH 2: Fleshy Souls, each featuring rare Yo-kai that can only be found in their respective games.

“After being such a massive sensation in Japan, it’s great to see the U.S. start to embrace the mischievous and lovable Yo-kai,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We’re excited to continue bringing fun Yo-kai experiences stateside this year.”

To expand the Yo-kai brand, Hasbro will add new items to its YO-KAI WATCH line this fall. New toys include the YO-KAI WATCH MODEL ZERO, designed to look like the watch worn by Nate in Season 2 of the animated series. The watch includes YO-MOTION TECHNOLOGY that brings Yo-kai characters to life in a new way. Fans can insert a YO-MOTION YO-KAI MEDAL into the watch and see a projected animation of that character. Hasbro will also release a new series of collectible YO-MOTION YO-KAI MEDALS, which are compatible with the new watch, as well as custom YO-KAI WATCH accessories, large plush toys and electronic figures. Additionally, fans will be able to collect and trade their favorite YO-KAI WATCH characters in a new way with the YO-KAI WATCH Trading Card Game.

Disney XD has acquired a second season of the YO-KAI WATCH animated TV show, which will premiere this summer. This season, join Nate, Whisper and Jibanyan as they get the new Yo-kai Watch Model Zero. But just because he has a new watch, that doesn’t mean Nate’s life will get any easier. Season 2 has more Yo-kai, more miniseries, more episodes and, most importantly, more laughs! Tune in to see how a new cast of Yo-kai interrupts Nate’s normal life in unexpected and hilarious ways. Fans who missed the first season can catch up before the second season starts by picking up the DVD of YO-KAI WATCH – Season 1 in stores late 2016 or by streaming the show on Netflix now. Fans can also catch the YO-KAI WATCH manga series from VIZ Media (Volume 5 debuts this month).

Finally, all of your favorite Yo-kai have wobbled into a hit mobile app called YO-KAI WATCH Wibble Wobble. This Top Ten app on the iTunes store brings the fun of Yo-kai characters into smart devices with a puzzle-game twist. With new events coming monthly, this game will continue to grow bigger and better.

The original YO-KAI WATCH video game introduced people in the U.S. to the mysterious Yo-kai. In Japan, these invisible beings – not ghosts or spirits … just Yo-kai! – are steeped in folklore and based on common concerns that everyday citizens have. If a child misplaces homework or an adult can’t stop babbling at a work meeting, for instance, it’s probably the work of a troublesome Yo-kai.

Yo-kai Watch 3

Level-5 recently updated the Japanese website for Yo-kai Watch 3, which contains some new information about the game.

Nathan Adams’ story is set in the USA, where he meets a boy named Mack who has some great skills. Apparently Mack is a kid who can see yo-kai by himself.

Inaho’s story is set in Japan, and she forms a Yo-kai detective agency to solve Yokai-related problems. There are also various plans like building a rocket. New bosses will be appearing in Japan as well.

The stories between the USA and Japan are also connected. Mysteries that happened in the USA are being reported in the Mystery Magazine Nu in Japan, so people there can also follow what’s happening in the USA.

Mysteries happening in the USA include:

– Rumor of a UFO falling on a city
– Mysterious crop circle on a farm
– Poltergeist phenomenon in an old mansion
– OOParts hidden in a ruins
– Zombies lurking around in the city

There’s also a yo-kai that administers all of these mysteries named Miss Tery. The player is tasked with solving these mysteries which are keys to the storyline. Nathan will be accompanied by Mack in his adventures in the USA. For example, a Zombie Boss that looks like Superman appears in a supermarket at night.

Dream Link is a new feature in Yo-kai Watch 3 in which players can use medals outside of the watch by changing core parts. The core part in the Yo-kai Watch Dream can be removed and re-attached into another new item that looks like a toy gun, the Yo-kai Blaster. Based on the yo-kai medal inserted, the blaster can shoot different types of bullets. The page currently teases that there are more items compatible with Dream Link other than the Yo-kai Blaster.

USA also has its own Yo-kai Gacha, which will spawn more American yo-kai if compared to the one in Japan. These gachas are located in secluded places like in the middle of a forest.

In the USA, Nathan can explore rivers by using a raft. While travelling on it there will be various obstacles like eating suspicious fruits, bracing for storms or avoiding alligators. Nathan can start traveling on the river from a dock located next to his secret base. The final destination will depend on how well he controls his oar.

Players can control the oar by using the touchscreen to move it left or right. The raft can also be customized to raise its stats, allowing for further journeys. Customizable parts include: body, oar, sail, and accessory affected stats: endurance, control, and speed. There are also three skills that can be activated based on the equipped parts.

Differences between the Sushi and Tempura versions are so far only related to be different yo-kai that appear. However, it is possible to trade yo-kai between the two versions.

You can find a new batch of screenshots in the gallery below, followed by a new commercial for the game.

Zero Time Dilemma

Polygon recently uploaded two videos showcasing Zero Time Dilemma, including some interview time with the creator Kotaru Uchikoshi. Check them out below:

Furthermore, Aksys Games will be holding a panel at MomoCon on May 27 at 1 PM local time.

During the event, Aksys will discuss its upcoming slate of titles, including Zero Time Dilemma. The publisher has also teased “major announcements”, though it’s unclear if the news will pertain to Nintendo platform games.

Puzzle & Dragons X

The latest issue of Famitsu includes new details on game features, monsters, and more, included in Puzzle & Dragons X.

Here’s a rundown of what is shared:

New game features

1. Cross Drop

When you remove drops in a combo of seven or more, a sparkling Cross Drop will appear on-screen. If you remove this drop, it will trigger a Cross Attack which deals more damage to the enemy than usual.

2. City Facilities

Talk to Multi-G to access local co-op multiplayer. Cross-version multiplayer is also possible.

In the Dragoza Communications Place, you can trade monsters and guild cards with friends, and also receive presents.

In the Monster Lab, you can strengthen and evolve monsters, or sell away monsters you don’t need. Strengthening is done by merging the monster with other monsters. Once the monster reaches max level, it can be merged with certain ingredients to make it evolve.

3. Ultimate Evolution

The three starter monsters each have a fourth, Ultimate Evolution, but that’s still shrouded in silhouettes for now.

4. Details of six Tamazo Armor

– Tamazo x Izanagi, skill: Breath of Creation: Deals damage of Attack Power x 30 to an enemy. Doubles Divine type attack damage for a turn
– Tamazo x Lucifer, skill: Command of Angel: HP gets reduced to 1, but deals Dark element damage of Attack Power x 100 to an enemy
– Tamazo x Amaterasu Ookami, skill: Light of Healing: Recovers all HP and also recovers 2 turns worth of Bind status
– Tamazo x Zeus, skill: Wrath of God: Reduce enemy HP by 35%
– Tamazo x Gadius, skill: Sunrise Change: Produce 3 drops each of Fire, Light, Dark and Recovery drops
– Tamazo x Sonia, skill: Summon Dragon Formation – Fire & Dark: Changes all drops to Fire or Dark elements

Some field names in each area are introduced as well. These are as follows:

– Wood Area: Woodmir Forest
– Fire Area: Erebna Mountains
– Water Area: Linus Grasslands and Cascade Glacier
– Light Area: Dune Desert
– Dark Area: Greyyard Wetlands

Famitsu also teases that there will be secret areas in this Dragoza Island.


Version exclusive monsters are introduced in the magazine. All listed monsters are their evolved versions (evolved titles are omitted):

– God Chapter: Sakuya, Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu Ookami, Susanoo no Mikoto, Lucifer
– Dragon Chapter: Zerog Infinity, Avalon Drake, Hi no Kagutsuchi, Typhon, Yamata no Orochi

Powerful Advent Monsters will also be published as extras post-release, which includes Zeus, Athena, Beelzebub, and Satan.

And finally, there’s a teaser of a screen with a VS on it, which might imply a multiplayer versus mode. Details on this will be divulged in the next information batch.

CoroCoro has also uploaded several gameplay videos showcasing different mechanics in the game. You can watch them below:

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2

Inti Creates recently updated its blog with a new post dedicated to Azure Striker Gunvolt 2. In it are contained overviews of three new characters: Xiao Wu, Mytyl, and Nori.

The information on all three characters can be found below, together with new screenshots and images showing character relationships.

蒼き雷霆ガンヴォルト爪_シャオウーsXiao Wu (VA: Chiaki Omigawa)

He works closely with Gunvolt, providing support for him as an operator. Prefers to be called just Xiao instead of Xiao Wu. He worked for a division of QUILL in his own country, but after his unit was suddenly taken over by the invading forces of “Eden”, he fled across the sea to join up with Gunvolt to report the invasion.

He’s a pretty straight-laced, serious guy. He’s usually quite calm and gentle, but because to his deep hatred Eden and their role in the invasion of his homeland, the subject can reveal a very emotional side of him that is not often seen.


Mytyl is Copen’s twin (younger) sister, who like her twin brother, does not possess any septimal powers. Due to her weak constitution, she spends her days living in a long-term medical care facility. She has been extremely frail since birth, and due to a surgery had at a very young age, she lost her voice and now communicates with people via a tablet.

Likely do to her frail constitution and being long-term medical care, she is quite small in stature, which gives many people the impression that her and Copen were born many years apart, but they are in fact the same age. Copen does not speak to her at all about his battles.

蒼き雷霆ガンヴォルト爪_ノワsNori (VA: Ayumi Tsunematsu)

She’s a super cool and collected maid that works for Copen and Mytyl. She also acts as Copen’s operator when he goes out on missions. From housework to battle support she can handle it all with the greatest of ease. While most of the time she acts as a maid to Copen and Mytyl, sometimes she steps out of that role and into one that is more like a foster parent; a very strict foster parent.

Copen has enormous amounts of financial assets, which allows him to do technical research and enact his revenge, neither of which she objects to helping him do. As for her own personal assets, well, that is a mystery.


Now that you got to meet many of the characters from “Team Gunvolt” and “Team Copen”, we thought it would be good to give you guys an idea of how those characters’ relationships are and how they see one another.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle

The latest issue of V Jump features some new information about Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle. There isn’t much new, but we are given a few images and details pertaining to the game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle is centered around a new tournament held after Battle City known as the “Legend Challenge”. Speed Duels are in, and it’s currently unknown if regular Duels exist. V Jump also confirms that there are 3D Monster Animations for cards such as “Dark Magician Girl”. Finally, cards from the latest Starter Deck will be included.

Konami will release Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle this summer via the eShop.

You can also find the screenshots taken from the magazine in the gallery below:

Infinite Dunamis

A listing on the European eShop has revealed that the RPG Infinite Dunamis is scheduled for a May 26 release. Pricing is set at €9.99.

infinite-dunamisConveni Dream

Circle Entertainment has released an introduction video for its next 3DS eShop title, Conveni Dream. Check it out below:

SmileBASIC for Wii U

smilebasic-wii-uThe Wii U version of SmileBASIC is now planned for a delayed release during the summer. Spring was originally targeted, but that window has obviously passed.

SmileBoom said that it will be using the extra time to make a better product. The development team also apologized to those who have been looking forward to its release.


Playtonic recently shared new information on Yooka-Laylee. New content about the game is being unveiled, and even more updates will be shared over the next few weeks. The team is also “getting close” to settling on some launch news.

Read on below for the most recent update covering topics like the story, collectibles, and a Toybox demo for Kickstarter backers due out in July. There are new images mixed in as well.


YookaLayee_Logo_300dpi-300x169Acquire the assets! Synergise the servers! It’s time we leveraged our key pillars with a paradigm-branching, hi-octane content update!

Ahem. One year ago more than 80,000 fans funded the Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter and it was an amazing and proud time for all involved. Soon after we decided to ‘go dark’ and focus on delivering a game worthy of your spectacular support. ‘The next time you see Yooka-Laylee,’ we said, ‘we want it to look representative of the final target we’re shooting for.’

Well, here it is. Today – finally – we’re revealing a few of the star performers from our Yooka-Laylee coming out show; an all-new cast of characters from the Playtonic Universe, a deep story to discover, a roster of irresistibly shiny collectibles to seek out and huge, stunning worlds to explore.

Yooka_GlacierOver the past year the Playtonic team has tripled in size, moved office and quietly slaved away on what would become the final form of Yooka-Laylee. You can see some of the results of our work below and over on the Yooka-Laylee game page.

There’s lots to talk about – and today is just the preliminary act. Over the next few weeks we’ll hope to wow you with increasingly dazzling dance numbers, first clicking our heels in the new Edge Magazine on May 26, which will be packed full of details and purchasable in both print and digital flavours.

Soon after you’ll see eyes-on reports of the final Yooka-Laylee appear on your favourite online channels and video platforms, quickly followed by the hijinks of the Electronic Entertainment Expo. We will of course ensure that Kickstarter backers are kept fully up to date with everything we reveal going forward.

One thing we’re not quite ready to reveal yet is the game’s final, day-and-date release plan, but we’re getting close. The Playtonic team is working towards the same release window penned last year, but as fans of some of our past work will attest, we’re a group committed to releasing games only when they’re polished, complete and at the quality level you expect. As soon as we’re confident we’ve ticked all of those boxes, we’ll inform our backers directly of when to mark their calendars.

So without further ado, this is what Yooka-Laylee looks like today.


“A flurry of excitement filled the factory floor. Everyone had assembled, from the top-tier boss characters to the tea minion from sector C. it was finally here; takeover day.

“The ingenious tech firm Quack Corp had been subject to a hostile swoop by diabolical publishing corporation in Hivory Towers. Together they were about to launch their most devious scheme yet, all under the leadership of cunning buzzness executive Capital B!”

Yooka and Laylee‘s adventure will take them deep inside the work halls of a baneful business, as the buddy-duo seek out the magical Pagies required to explore the mysterious Grand Tomes. The dexterous pair will seek to unlock the ancient secrets of these bewitching books, as they battle to thwart corporate creep Capital B and his devious scheme to absorb all of the world’s literature… and convert them into pure profit.

Our ambition with Yooka-Laylee is to create a story and cast of characters that will live on as part of future Playtonic Games, so you can be sure there will be plenty of secrets, back stories and punch lines to discover when you join the Lizard and Bat on their epic adventure.

CapitalB_Stand_pose_final01-1024x1024Collect-Em-Up 2.0

Yooka-Laylee will introduce a roster of shiny collectibles with gameplay progression at their core (as well as other, more valuable materials). Tasty Butterfly Energy will refill the player’s health and the brand new power meter, which is designed to empower fun and challenging platforming gameplay while avoiding the all-too-occasional tedium of resource management.

In their adventure through Capital B’s corporate lair, Yooka and Laylee will explore land, air and sea in search of Pagies and their power to unlock – and expand – the magical Grand Tomes held captive in Hivory Towers.

Yooka_SwimUsing the hundreds of collectible Quills discovered during their travels, the buddy-duo will purchase and unlock moves from the serpent salesman Trowzer, which they can choose to do in virtually any order that the player decides. This is just one way which Yooka-Laylee empowers player choice, in addition to the ability to expand and make larger the worlds you’ve already explored, and the unique Tonic gameplay modifiers which can be used to customise your play style.

Look out for much more on the collectibles of Yooka-Laylee in upcoming media previews.

A Cast to Last

Throughout their adventure Yooka and Laylee will meet (or beat) a huge cast of memorable characters brought to life by the art and audio teams behind legendary platform games.

This month we’ll be discussing a pair of new supporting characters destined to join the Playtonic Universe; the hapless, multi-limbed scientist Dr. Puzz and her traitorous former colleague Dr. Quack.

The latter is a ruthless, exosuit-wearing fowl, who’s making the best of a bad situation under the corporate rule of Capital B. The good doctor wasn’t always this unpleasant, but the ruthless takeover of his Quack Corp organisation has persuaded Quack to concoct all manner of crude inventions to satisfy the demands of his new boss – and the shareholders, of course.

Quack’s sweet, naeve prodigy, Dr. Puzz proved far more morally rigid than her former colleague, breaking ties with Quack Corp as soon as the exosuits started stirring – and taking her own inventions with her. The tentacled technician – designed by Ed ‘Mumbo Jumbo’ Bryan – is the gateway to all of Yooka-Laylee’s wild and wonderful transformations, which we’ll be revealing in the near future.

playtonic_yookalaylee_art_final-1024x614OPEN THE TOYBOX

The wait is almost over… the Toybox is coming – and we’re happy to finally confirm that the standalone gameplay experience will be available in July for Kickstarter backers who opted for appropriate tiers.

So why has it taken so long? Quite simply, our plans for the Toybox have expanded beyond the web-based, single-room play thing we originally planned and it’s now a much more significant chunk of playable content.

Yooka_Toybox_01As promised in our Kickstarter campaign, the Toybox isn’t a traditional ‘demo’, but a self-contained, spoiler-free sandbox designed to give Yooka-Laylee backers a taste of the platforming to come in the final game.There are plenty moves to try, custom-built props to play with, secrets to discover and yes, shiny collectibles to hunt out.

We appreciate your patience and hope you agree the wait was worthwhile when you’re jumping around in our sandbox in a number of weeks’ time.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition

During the week, a new Minecraft: Wii U Edition update went live. After applying the patch, the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack is made available. You should need about 70MB to download the update.

We also found out that the Minecraft: Wii U Edition project was green-lit a year prior to the game’s release, on Fall 2014. All sides worked together to get the game ready for launch.

Minecraft: Wii U Edition rcently received a Nintendo collaboration with the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack. Surprisingly, Nintendo’s Damon Baker told IGN, “This is the most IP integration in a third-party game that I can remember”.

Baker didn’t have any news to share regarding future collaborations in Minecraft, but he did mention that fans should be vocal about what they want to see next.

While speaking with The Verge, he also shared that developers Mojang and 4J mostly came up with the idea for the collaboration. It began just as a way to introduce new skins, but the teams wanted to come up with something more.

Baker stated:

“They actually came to us with what their vision was, and the extent of it, and blew us away. It still went through an official approval process through our art department at our head office in Japan, but it was really driven by them as the creative studios behind it.”

Baker also said that the company has no plans to expand the Mario content beyond its own hardware for now, which one would expect. He said: “We’ve just been concentrating on Wii U first and foremost”.

Finally, you can find several gameplay videos showcasing the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack below:

LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Warner Bros. has released a new LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens character vignette for decorated X-wing pilot Poe Dameron, one of the Resistance’s most-trusted operatives. It also features original dialogue from actor Oscar Isaac who plays the character in the movie. Check it out below:

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers will soon be adding a new Spider-Man character pack featuring the version of the character from Civil War, according to USA Today.

Warner Bros. and TT Games have been updating LEGO Marvel’s Avengers with DLC on Wii U, so Spider-Man should be on that platform for sure. USA Today mentions 3DS as well.

635992997160478531-LMA-Spider-Man-DLC-clean-Disney Art Academy

For a lengthy look at the recently released Disney Art Academy, watch the video below by AbdallahSmash026, which has a full hour of footage.

The Book of Unwritten Tales 2

book-of-unwritten-tales-2-1The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 was expected to release on Wii U in March, but after several delaus, it now looks to be slated for June 7. At least, that’s what Nintendo has listed on its North American website as well as the European Wii U eShop. The game is 9GB in size. Various retailers also have this date locked in as well, so hopefully there won’t be any more delays!

Virtual Console

Below you can find a trailer for the Wii U Virtual Console version of SEGA’s Shining Force from the GBA days, which was released on the Japanese eShop. Check it out.