Indie News Roundup June 5 2016 Feature

May 30 to June 5 Indie News Roundup

Kick & Fennick

Kick & Fennick is now out on the North American and European Wii U eShops. 2,333MB of space are needed for the download.

You can find the launch trailer for the game, and some gameplay footage below, courtesy of NintenDaan:


II30iNnRXM-dfY50ZgUy3hFm20VZLQKRSssnakes released in Europe at the end of April, and is now finally out in North America, since June 2. EnjoyUp Games and Software Scribes are selling it for $1.99.

Here’s an overview of the game if you haven’t heard of it yet:

Sssnakes is a new twist on the classic snake video game. It is an upgrade for modern times without giving up its essence.

Go through the jungle to the inside of the temple, avoid the traps, move through intricate mazes and face other snakes.

But above all, you will need to keep away from your biggest enemy… gluttony!


Easy to play, hard to master.

Many levels with different objectives and enemies.

8-bit mode.

The ability to shoot provides new opportunities and strategies to get out of tough situations.

Online scoreboard to compete for the top score.

Tricks and hidden secrets to get the top score or make the game easier.

B3 Game Expo For Bees

The European release of B3 Game Expo For Bees will come after the North American one by one week. The game has already released in North America, and will be available in Europe on June 9. Expect it to be priced at the equivalent of $9.99. The download is 191MB in size, with the space taken dropping down to 158MB when installed.

You can find some gameplay footage of the game below, thanks to NintenDaan:

Dan McFox: Head Hunter

3DSDS_DanMcFoxHeadHunter_01_enGB_mediaplayer_largeLightwood Games has confirmed that Dan McFox: Head Hunter is coming to the North American 3DS eShop on June 9. The game should cost around $2.50.

Olympia Rising

PlayEveryWare has announced that Olympia Rising will be making its way to the North American Wii U eShop on June 9th. The game is already out in the Europe, so you can take a look at its release trailer below:


terraria505 Games has recently posted an update on the official Terraria forums about the upcoming Wii U release, as well as the already-released 3DS edition.

On Wii U, the disc version is planned for release on June 28 in North America and June 26 in Europe. Apparently, it will be up on the eShop on June 16. There’s also a day one patch that is about 50MB big.

505 Games also had this to say about having Wii U in line with the other console versions:

At launch, the Wii U version will be *slightly* behind the other console versions (it doesn’t have all of the content that’s added in the June patch on the other platforms) but we plan to issue a ‘catch-up’ patch in due course.

Regarding 3DS, there’s some new details about the Frost Moon update. This had already launched in Europe, but was pulled from North America before going live due to “a nasty multiplayer bug”. Version 1.03 has now been submitted in both regions, and will contain the Frost Moon update and bug fix. It’s releasing in to Europe on June 10, and in North America “soon after”.

You can see what is in the latest Terraria 3DS update by checking out this post.

Splashy Duck

RCMADIAX has stated its new game Splashy Duck will be releasing in the Wii U eShop. The title is set to arrive on June 23 in North America, Europe, and Australia.

You can find the Twitter announcement below:

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, Exile’s End

XSEED has announced it will be publishing two indie titles in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (physical and digital), and Exile’s End (digital), for Wii U in North America. Both will be playable at E3 later this month.

Here’s the overview of Shantae, which includes the Risky Beats retail release:

shantae-half-genie-hero-artIn the magical world of Sequin Land lives Shantae, a spirited young half-genie. She has dedicated her life to defending her home of Scuttle Town from evil in all forms, and has been called upon again as pirates attack! Using her trademark Hair-Whip Attack and special ability to transform herself into various kinds of creatures by way of magical belly-dancing, she must fight her way through steamy jungles, ancient ruins, and stormy deserts to topple the villainous Barons behind each criminal caper, preparing for the ultimate showdown against her arch-nemesis: the bodacious buccaneer Risky Boots!

After three successful outings, Shantae is ready to embark on her first full HD adventure in Shantae: Half-Genie Hero for PS4, “PSVita”, and Wii U. Vibrant, high-definition sprites complement the excellent action-packed exploration and platforming the series is known for. As Shantae masters her transformative powers, old stages can be explored again to unearth new items and secrets, ensuring there’s plenty of content for casual players and platforming gurus alike!

XSEED Games will be publishing Shantae: Half-Genie Hero physically on all three announced platforms this fall, as a special “Risky Beats” retail release packaged with a musical selections CD containing over 20 songs from the game’s soundtrack, and each offered at a suggested retail price of $29.99.

A listing on GameStop also says that Shantae: Half-Genie Hero’s physical version will be out on September 27 , which WayForward confirmed on Twitter.

Moreover, here’s the overview for Exile’s End:

exilesendIn the distant future, mega-corporation Ravenwood exists more as an interplanetary government than a company, controlling commerce and manipulating the economy with its own private army. So when its president’s son goes missing on a remote mining planet and all contact is lost, the company quickly dispatches a team of mercenaries to investigate. Immediately upon their arrival in orbit, however, the team’s ship experiences an electrical failure and careens toward the surface. Numerous soldiers eject from the crashing ship via escape pods, but only one seems to make landfall relatively unscathed: an old, embittered private named Jameson. In his efforts to restore communications on the planet, he ends up discovering the remains of the mining colony and learns a truth far more sinister than he ever could have imagined…

A dark and futuristic 2D sidescroller offering adventure-style puzzles, exploration-driven platforming, and dangerous extraterrestrials, Exile’s End is part Metroidvania and part “cinematic platformer,” drawing heavy inspiration from classics of the genre like Out of This World and Flashback: The Quest for Identity. Boasting uniquely stylized animated cutscenes, multiple endings, and an atmospheric soundtrack by Keiji Yamagishi of Ninja Gaiden and Tecmo Super Bowl fame, players who take up Jameson’s mantle will find themselves investigating a massive, interconnected alien world as they solve the mysteries of a dark, underground complex and experience a story filled with ancient riddles and modern-day hubris. Backed by Japanese publisher Marvelous Inc., Exile’s End is a collaboration between Tokyo-based indie game developer Matt Fielding and many talented local industry veterans, and a partial remake of Fielding’s first game, Inescapable, that significantly expands on its general ideas and themes.

XSEED Games will be publishing Exile’s End digitally on the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS Vita, as well as on the Nintendo eShop for Wii U later this summer. More information will be provided in the coming months.

Citadale: Gate of Souls

Ezekiel Rage is getting ready to launch a new game for Wii U titled “Citadale: Gate of Souls”. It’s an 8-bit action game, and is already with Nintendo’s lot check, meaning it should be arriving on the eShop pretty soon.

Here’s an overview and a trailer for the game:

Step into the hellouse once again. Citadale is a classic retro 8bit action game in the veins of so many NES classics. Vampires, zombies and other creatures of the night await. What a horrible night to have a curse.

You are Sonja Dorleac, a young woman on a mission to stop the local Dark Lord from plunging the lands into the darkness. Armed with the Shadow Blade, a legendary sword given to her by her husband and her wits, she sets out to restore peace to the lands.

Designed for use with the Wii U gamepad, this game gives you total control over your gameplay experience. The full level layout on the TV allows you to see hidden rooms and enemies that attack from above or below while the gamepad shows you the close surroundings of your character. Switch between different viewpoints to always see what you need to in order to survive the journey.

The game supports Off-TV play, the Wii U Pro Controller, The Wii Remote and the Wii Classic Controller as well as Miiverse posting.

Prism Pets

Intropy Games has partnered with Mouse Potato Games to bring Prism Pets to Wii U.

Previously released on mobile, Prism Pets is a puzzler “about creating different combinations with colors”, where players can slide tiles in four different directions – left, right, up or down – to create these combinations and make the target color.

The game will be releasing soon on the Wii U eShop, so until then here’s a trailer for it:

Punch Club

Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild’s Punch Club is planned for 3DS, according to a new tweet from the latter company.

tinyBuild posted the following:

Punch Club is a fighting sim/tycoon game, that debuted earlier this year. Players “train really hard, unlock new skills, and figure out who killed your father”.

Here’s a trailer for the game:

PlayEveryWare also tweeted “Take a look at what we’re working on next! …” making a reference to this game, so the company is probably involved with it as publisher or a similar role.

Haunted Halloween ’86: The Curse of Possum Hollow

Retrotainment Games went to Kickstarter last month in an attempt to fund its new game Haunted Halloween ’86: The Curse of Possum Hollow, which features a mix of platforming and beat ’em up gameplay. Even though it was initially planned only as a NES title, it’s now confirmed for a current Nintendo platform as well.

The $5,000 Kickstarter goal was easily achieved, guaranteeing the NES version. Additionally, a $20,000 Wii U stretch goal was reached, allowing the studio to develop that version too.

You can find the project announcement below, and the Kickstarter page over here.

Steamworld Heist

Image & Form has recently posted the latest episode of “The Engine Room”, where they talk about SteamWorld Heist’s Wii U version release and cross-buy support, and briefly touch on the possibility of more DLC. A trailer for the HD version of the game can also be found after the new “The Engine Room” episode, below.

Dual Core

f3CGkXCxbxWcB9Yqs86ss-DIsiPkEgsIDual Core just released on the North American Wii U eShop, but Gray Fin Studios isn’t done with the game yet. The indie developer recently talked about what’s in store during a Reddit AMA.

The first thing lined up for Dual Core is an update, which will “address a few bugs, and balance some difficulty issues”. Features such as off-TV play, more controller options, and online leaderboards are also “likely” for future patches. New modes/levels haven’t been ruled out yet either, but “it really depends on how well the game does”.

Sneaky Ninja

e7298290fc2fd3779550669cf24842f9_originalSneaky Ninja remains in the works, but Starfall Studios recently provided a substantial update about the game, by going over the game’s second chapter, Bento Plains. This area “is all about farmland, which brings a host of new farm-themed level mechanics”. In Bento Plains, you can hide in grain/rise, use animals to your benefit, and take shelter in barns.

You can take a look at Starfall Studios’ full blog post over here. The next update will cover the snow level, Shiro Mountain.

Quest of Dungeons

3ds_new_inventoryQuest of Dungeons was confirmed for both Wii U and 3DS back in February. The developer has now shared a status update, covering some features that are currently in the works.

There’s no word yet on a release date, but Quest of Dungeons may hit Wii U and 3DS simultaneously. Both versions are coming along nicely.

On Wii U, Quest of Dungeons will feature off-TV play and Pro Controller support. There will also be an option to play between the GamePad and TV so that you can take advantage of a touch-based inventory, map, and more to manage things.

The 3DS has been a bit more difficult to work with due to technical challenges, but progress is still being made. An updated version of the UI / use of dual screens should allow players to manage items on the lower screen by touch. StreetPass support is also under consideration:

When you StreetPass someone you send and receive ghosts from previous runs to the other user. Here’s how it works, when you die, the game saves your character as it is, stats, equipment, etc. There is later a chance, that in a new game you might encounter yourself, but now you will also send those ghosts to the other players. So when you find ghosts from other users (they will have a icon in-game to make it different) if you defeat them, you’ll get all the loot. Cool right?

For a more visual look at the things described above, you can find Upfall Studios’ devlog over here.

Antipole DX

Saturnine Games is back with another trailer for its upcoming Wii U / 3DS eShop title Antipole DX. You can watch it below:

Hive Jump

Graphite Lab has come out with a new trailer for Hive Jump, which you can find below.

Besides that, the developer posted a couple of art time lapse videos and recapped some previously-known information about the Wii U version on Kickstarter. You can find that page over here.