Megaman Legacy Collection Announcement Feature

Mega Man Legacy Collection – More Details

Digital Eclipse’s Frank Cifaldi shared some additional details about the Mega Man Legacy Collection yesterday on his Twitter page.

Here’s a summary and some quotes of what Cifaldi mentioned:

– A save slot will be available for each game;
– It won’t feature any new art that isn’t featured in the big Mega Man 25th anniversary art book;
– No filter, NTSC composite simulation, RGB monitor filters;
– Unclear if 3D will be supported;
– Can stretch to 16:9 if you want;
– They are not restoring any unused content from the Mega Man 3 cart;
– Audio is apparently “spectacular”;
– The team contracted an expert to help with audio.

I was really happy to see all the positive reaction to Mega Man Legacy Collection today. I know it’s a sensitive subject for fans.

My god, though, I promise this isn’t a cheap cash-in collection. This is our attempt to prove there’s a market for respecting our heritage.

that’s more of a question, but personally I did want to keep this first one small

because I’d rather spend time on extras than on making more games work

Mega Man Legacy Collection is set for release on the 3DS eShop this Winter.