Secret Project June 28 Feature

Nami Tentou is making Secret Project, a FPS for the Wii U

Nami Tentou, the developers behind Ping 1.5+, are planning a new first-person shooter to be released in the Wii U eShop in 2016.

Thus far they have only released a few details and a teaser trailer about this secret project named Secret Project.

Nami Tentou hopes to support sixteen-player online matches, while local multiplayer will allow five players to compete with each other. It will also be possible to create custom stages with different themes through a grid-based system.

There will be at least eight characters players can choose from, and these will sport unique traits, weapons, etc.. You can also expect over-the-top-styled gameplay with items that enhance or disrupt the battleground and players.

Nami Tentou’s first-person shooter will also make use of cel-shaded graphics and, due to its violence and language, should end up becoming an “M” rated game.

You can watch the teaser trailer for Secret Project below: