7th Dragon III July 7 Feature

New 7th Dragon III Code: VFD Class Details and Screenshots

SEGA recently updated the official site for 7th Dragon III Code: VFD with a number of new details on some of the game’s classes. These classes include the Rune Knight, Fortuner, Mage and Punisher. You can view the information relating to them collected below.

Rune Knight:

– Magic swordsmen that use small knives combined with elemental and different effect-based attacks;
– They can heal themselves and have skills that can heal the entire party or protect allies from enemy attacks;
– “Knight’s Pride”: inflicts a physical non-elemental attack to an enemy, and the damage is determined by how much damage the Rune Knight took prior to getting knocked out. This move automatically activates when a Rune Knight’s health drops to 0;
– “Brave Sword”: deals massive close-ranged magic damage to all enemies. Brave Sword cuts the user’s health in half when used. The more health that gets depleted from this skill, the more damage it will do to enemies.


– Fortunetellers of the battlefield, that specialize in putting enemies in abnormal states;
– Their skills can do even more damage against enemies that are under a status ailment;
– Fortuner’s have slightly lower health/defense;
– “Poem of Wind and Tree”: regenerates all party members each turn by using mana;
– “Sacrifice”: consumes a massive amount of MP in order to launch a powerful magic attack that hits all enemies. This attack is so powerful that the user will withdraw from the battlefield after landing the hit.


– Magic specialists that can use magic attacks of various attributes;
– Mages can even support the party with healing magic;
– Their weakness is their low defense stat;
– “Volcano”: deals long-ranged fire magic damage to all enemies, and gives them a “burn” affect;
– “Mana Bullet”: deals long-ranged magic attack that inflicts big damage on all enemies.


– Punishers use an hybrid weapon called “Armored Spear”, which is a mix between a giant spear and mortar;
– They have the best physical damage of all classes and the most amount of health;
– “Explosives” are needed for their powerful attacks, and you’ll need to supplement them if you use too much;
– “Assault Spear”: selects a group of enemies and launches a powerful close-ranged attack that requires mana and Explosives to use;
– “Dragon Buster”: deals long-ranged fire attribute damage to all enemies from a mortar shot. This does extra damage against dragons, and it also consumes mana and Explosives.

You can find all the artwork and screenshots related to this update in the gallery below: