New Dragon Quest VIII Details and Screenshots

Square Enix’s latest update on Dragon Quest VIII explain how the game’s camera features will work.

It will be possible to enter camera mode by hitting the start button, and players can then take photos of different scenes, that will be saved to the console’s SD card. You can also take photos of the main character and your favorite party character.

dragon-quest-viii-photo-mode-3dsNext, we have some details about Dragon Quest VIII’s “Photos Quests”. When players visit the game’s town, they’ll eventually come across the “Photographer Fort” NPC. He’ll give you his notebook of quests that can be checked at any time. In it, there are quests in which players are tasked with taking pictures of rare items and monsters, or famous locations, for example. Some of these quests will also earn you more stamps than others.

We also found out this week that Square Enix isn’t the only company behind Dragon Quest VIII on 3DS. Apparently, Cygames is developing this new version of the game with them. Cygames previously worked on mobile titles such as Rage of Bahamut and Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light.

Below, you can finally find the screenshots gallery, showing off elements such as the Camera Mode and Photo Quests.