New Monster Hunter X Details and Screenshots

Thanks to Capcom’s latest update on Monster Hunter X, and Famitsu’s recent interview with the developers, we have a lot of new details and screenshots from the game.

You can find them all below.

Capcom’s details (some of these have been known before but with japanese names…):


– The Crimson Wyvern has a long, deadly tail that is shaped like a big sword;
– It is known as the Cutting Wyvern because of its tail;
– It has remarkable leg strength and keenly subdues its prey and delivers certain death in a flash;
– The carapace of the tail is made of highly flammable iron, and erupts in a coil of flames when heated by friction;
– When the tail is covered in soot and can’t cut as well, it has been seen using its fangs to polish it.

Ancient Forest

– Exists on a vast island with its own ecosystem, which is very highly researched;
– There are still a number of undeveloped regions still not investigated;
– Primitive vegetation thrives here and there are various monsters to observe;
– A huge herbivorous species known as “Rimosetos” lives here;
– They are quiet and won’t actively attack hunters;
– Their long necks let them eat leaves and fruits from high places;
– They can also make a distinct sound using the organ atop their head;
– A few other monsters also appear here, including the Maccau, a Bird Wyvern with a bright red and green body that moves in herds;
– Maccau mainly lives in the Ancient Forest and such areas, attacking its prey using its strong legs;
– The Great Maccau leads a Maccau pack and has a feather-like yellow cockscomb;
– It leaps using its tail like a spring when encountering prey.

Returning Monsters

– Zinogre, Tigrex, Rathalos and Brachydios are all back.

Felyne Palicoes

– Felyne Palicoes return as companions that assist hunters:
– They have different support types;
– Felyne Palicoes: help battle large monsters or small monsters, those that lay traps, those that heal you, and so on;
– A Felyne Palico might bring out a trampoline to give you some extra height, toss a Large Barrel Bomb, set pitfalls or even rush towards monsters at full speed.

Felyne Plaza

– Gather Felyne Palicoes in the Felyne Plaza;
– If your Felyne Palicoes make good use of its facilities well, there is no doubt it will prove beneficial to hunters.

Details from Famitsu interview with producer Ryozo Tsujimoto and director Yasunori Ichinose:

– There are no underwater areas;
– Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate’s Frenzied monsters and Guild Quests will not be returning, because Capcom wants to emphasize the elements that will be unique to Monster Hunter X;
– Verna Village is unique to Monster Hunter X and is more open and spacious compared to previous Monster Hunter villages that have a warm and dense feel;
– The kind of life depicted in Verna is different from past Monster Hunter titles and this difference in ambiance extends right from the colors of the village all the way to the way it’s designed for players;
– Capcom somewhat emphasized interactions with non-villager beings for Verna Village;
– Among these is the herbivorous “Moofer” species that is kept in Verna;
– The worldview of Verna is unrelated to the prior Monster Hunter games because it’s important to create a unique worldview for each Monster Hunter title;
– Verna will also be the only village in Monster Hunter X with a Guild Hall that is used to access multiplayer:
– You can also travel between multiple villages like in 4 Ultimate via a hot-air balloon;
– You will be part of some sort of ecosystem investigation that you will be carrying out through the course of your adventure;
– Why you’re investigating the ecosystem is related to the game’s story and information will be revealed at regular intervals;
– With the new details, players will begin to get some idea of just how the game plays but when they actually get to play it for themselves, hopefully they’ll say: “Oh? It’s different from what I imagined, but it’s interesting!”;
– Capcom wants to have a more personal hunting experience with the customization options;
– They want to betray people’s expectations in a good way.

Tsujimoto also teased the players recently, sharing with Famitsu that having a 4 Ultimate save file will grant you small bonuses in both Monster Hunter X and Monster Hunter Diary.

Finally, here is the screenshots gallery: