Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon August 12 Feature

New Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon Details and Screenshots

Some new details about Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon have been officialy revealed following on the CoroCoro preview.

Here’s a roundup of the new info:

– You can send out mail to be rescued if you fall in a dungeon;
– There are multiple villages as a base across multiple continents that you use Lapras to navigate between, including Gentle Town and Waiwai Town on the Water Continent;
– Hawlucha runs a shop where you can teach your Pokemon moves, and now even change their ability;
– Kangaskhan runs a Pokémon Cafe in Waiwai Town and will give you thank you presents when you help Pokemon out;
– Klefki will open Treasure Chests for you and, like in Gates to Infinity, Cofagrigus will buy Gold bars you find in dungeons from you;
– Meowth has a special theater where you enter a dungeon with special rules. These dungeons are difficult to complete but a video of your completion of it can be uploaded to the Internet;
– Like the previous game, there’s a special Jukebox where you can listen to all the game’s music, with the music you find increasing over time. You can also play the music with your headphones while the 3DS is in Sleep Mode.

You can find a lot of new screenshots in the gallery below: