New The Great Ace Attorney Details and Screenshots

Siliconera has recently translated some new information from The Great Ace Attorney’s DLC episodes.

Here’s a list of details:

– The Randst Magazine episodes tell players about what happened during the earlier stages of the game;
– This is free;
– Before Phoenix Wright’s ancestor Ryunosuke Naruhodo takes off to England, he’ll be learning the ways of the law back home in Japan;
– He is helped by his friend Kazama Asougi;
– Two witness characters give Ryunosuke a tough time in his very first case;
– They’re arguing about something, but we don’t know what it is;
– The DLC story might give you a little more insight on what was going on during that part of the game with these two characters;
– DLC comes with a 3DS custom theme featuring Ryunosuke, where you’ll get to see him pulling off his “Objection!” pose, and other looks and designs;
– There will be 8 DLC waves in total;
– All future DLC will be 300 yen each and can be purchased as a set for 2,000 yen;
– The DLC also includes special pictures, BGM, voices and “making of” videos for the game, to go with the short story and custom theme.

You can also find below a gallery with some screenshots from this first DLC episode, and a video from Denjin Getcha that contains some gameplay footage from the game.