Diddy Kong Trademark Europe Feature

Nintendo trademarks Diddy Kong in Europe. Possible new game incoming?

Nintendo has recently picked up a trademark for Diddy Kong in Europe. The name was filed a few days ago and made public yesterday.

Of course it could mean nothing worthwhile, but with E3 so close to happening and Retro Studio’s Twitter hint at their presence in the Event, it makes you wonder if they might be involved in the development of a new game starring Diddy Kong, possibly a new iteration of Diddy Kong Racing.

Last year, a guy by the name of Kevin Callahan, who supposedly had worked in the games industry before, made a post about “The Strage Development of Diddy Kong Racing 2”, that you can find here.

If he is to be believed, then we might be in for an heck of a surprise pretty soon, possibly at this year’s E3.