Nov. 9 to 15 3rd Party News Roundup

Monster Hunter X

As the release date of Monster Hunter X in Japan approaches, on the 28th of November, Capcom released a lot of trailers, commercials and screenshots of the game this past week week.

The first two videos you can watch below are the opening cinematic of the game and a gameplay trailer.

At the same time, two trailers and various screenshots were released, showcasing another two collaborations. These offer the Felynes two new costumes based on The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Macross Delta. You can find both trailers and screenshots below:

Another collaboration was later revealed during the Japanese Nintendo Direct, this time with Star Fox Zero. This collaboration features costumes for the Felynes based on the Star Fox characters, and will be available for download at 7-Eleven stores in Japan, when the game releases on November 28th. You can watch the trailer below:

Capcom also released a bunch of commercials for the game. You can watch them below:

Finally, Famitsu revealed some new details about the game, mostly focusing on monster variants. You can find a video below where gaijin hunter goes over these as he translates the magazine on the fly.

Mega Man Legacy Colletion

During the latest Nintendo Direct, it was confirmed that Mega Man Legacy Collection is coming to the 3DS on the following release dates:

EUR/NA – February 23rd, 2016

AUS – February 24th, 2016

JP – February 25th, 2016

A collector’s edition, featuring a Gold Mega Man amiibo, will also be made available on the same date, at least in North America. The Mega Man amiibo can be used to unlock bonus challenges in the game.

mega-man-gold-amiibo-656x311You can also find a new introduction trailer below:

Project X Zone 2

The Project X Zone 2 intro and some gameplay footage are now available in the videos below, thanks to the TheGameTagerZ:

You can also find a translated Famitsu review of the game at Nintendo Everything, over here.

Bravely Second: End Layer

In the European Direct it was announced that Bravely Second: End Layer will be coming to Europe and Australia in Q1 2016. Moreover, a Deluxe Collector’s Edition will be made available for purchase, containing the game, a soundtrack CD, a massive artbook and a small figure of Agnès Oblige. You can find a trailer showcasing it below:

A new batch of screenshots was also made available, so check them out in the gallery below:

Final Fantasy Explorers

It was announced in the latest Nintendo Direct that Final Fantasy Explorers will have a Collector’s Edition available when it comes to the West in January, containing the game, a soundtrack CD, a 3DS hardcase, an artbook and some unlockable in-game quests that allow you to obtain four legendary weapons. However, the Collector’s Edition can only be pre-ordered from the Square Enix online store exclusively. You can get the North American version for $69.99, over here, and the European version for 69.99€, over here.

final-fantasy-explorers-ceDragon Quest VII

Dragon Quest VII was announced to be coming to the West next year during the latest Nintendo Direct. No specific release dates were given for any region, except for North America that got a release window of Summer 2016.

You can find some screenshots in the gallery below:

Dragon Quest VIII

And Dragon Quest VII isn’t the only Dragon Quest game coming to the West in 2016 since Dragon Quest VIII was also announced in the latest Nintendo Direct.

You can find some screenshots of Dragon Quest VIII in the gallery below:

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3

The latest issue of Jump magazine had a feature about Dragon Quest Monster: Joker 3 once again. In it, the following new details are touched upon:

– The game is set in a “Break World”, a world made of a variety of “broken up” continents;
– It has towns with near-future looks unlike past titles in the series;
– Frozen areas, majestic buildings, wastelands, and more are also included;
– The “Ride” system that lets you ride monsters will evolve as you progress through your adventure;
– You will be able to do consecutive jumps in mid-air, attack enemies on the field for preemptive strikes, and reach certain places by flying on a monster that you normally wouldn’t be able reach by feet;
– The “Reactor” device that the protagonist uses can show hidden treasures, paths of light, and other things you normally can’t see on your own.

dragon-quest-monsters-joker-33Yo-kai Watch

Nintendo recently released a new commercial for Yo-kai Watch. You can watch it below, followed by some gameplay footage, courtesy of TiLMENDOMiNATiON:

3D Power Drift

The Japanese website for the SEGA 3D Classics has recently been updated with new information on 3D Power Drift, as you can see here.

SEGA 3D Classics Power DriftRead up on the new details below:

– Has a new difficulty mode called Easiest, in addition to the original Easy, Normal, Hard, and Hardest options;
– Difficulty is chosen by the car a player chose at the beginning of the game;
– Players can choose between automatic and manual control options, and decide if you want aided handling that will help keep the car on the track;
– 3D effects;
– 4 screen options;
– The cabinet screen option will allow people to choose whether or not they would like a moving cabinet, which will remove the stereoscopic 3D, but will give the impression a player is actually at the arcade cabinet playing the game by showing it moving along with the player;
– You can save anywhere;
– Players can save a replay of one race to watch later;
– Will feature both Japanese and English language options.

Stella Glow

Atlus recently released an unboxing video for Stella Glow’s launch edition and hosted a new stream for the game during 90 minutes. You can check out the unboxing below and watch the stream recording over here.

Rodea: The Sky Soldier

With the recent release of Rodea: The Sky Soldier, NIS America has now released a new trailer introducing the R Unit villains. Check it out below:

You can also find some footage of the 3DS and Wii versions of the game below, and a comparison between the Wii and Wii U versions of the game next.

Puzzle & Dragons X

During the week, CoroCoro magazine revealed that a new Puzzle & Dragons game, subtitled X, is in development for the Nintendo 3DS, with planned release in 2016, at least in Japan.

Although the scan doesn’t show much, we have a brief look at what seems like the protagonist, who is able to transform into a knight, and at a couple of monsters. New information on the project should be coming soon.

puzzle-dragons-xMedabots 9

Rocket Company has revealed the two main Medabots to be featured in Medabots 9. The game will feature “Zipper” and “Souen”, the newer versions of Metabee and Rokusho. Zipper is shooting-type bot that uses a pair of Gatling guns attached to its arms, while Souen is a katana wielding melee-type. You can take a first look at both in the images below:

medabots-9-11-656x383 medabots-9-2Monster Strike

Mixi has recently released another batch of screenshots and artwork from Monster Strike. Check them out in the gallery below:

Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma: The Dish of Friendship and Bonds

FuRyu recently launched a new trailer for Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma: The Dish of Friendship and Bonds. Check it out below:

Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-

Aksys Games announced during the week that it’s localizing Extreme and Masaya’s Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-, a turn-based strategic simulation RPG for the 3DS. The title is due out in Spring 2016. You can find an overview of the title and a couple of screenshots below:

After a 15 year absence, the legendary RPG series makes its triumphant return to the gaming fold! Wield the mighty sword Langrisser as you journey through a massive world at war. Define the path before you by lending your talents to one of three factions and secure your place as your faction’s greatest hero by executing strategic supremacy over your enemies.

Key Features

The Hero’s Path
Branching story paths will present themselves during battle based on the choices you make. Will your heroic deeds blaze a righteous path to glory or will your villainous treachery lead you down the road to ruin? The balance of the fates hangs heavy as your choices define the course of battle!

Who Will You Fight For?
3 unique factions desperately need your command skills! Will you lead the Armies of Light to victory in the name of your Goddess? Will you side with the enigmatic forces of darkness and embrace chaos or will you take the reins of an ancient imperial juggernaut? Forge your legendary command skills in the fires of war!

Your Cunning Will Be Tested
100+ hours of gameplay ensure your war chest will never run low! Choose mercenaries from the guild, shop for stronger gear and gather tide turning items in your unending quest for tactical supremacy! An epic campaign, divergent battle routes and bonus secrets will push your strategic skills to the limit!

Culdcept Revolt

Culdcept Revolt was announced for 3DS during the latest Japanese Nintendo Direct. It is said to release in 2016 and to be the first completely new entry in the strategy RPG series in 12 years. The title is being made by Omiyasoft and will feature an improved system and rules with over 200 new cards to use. You can watch the direct announcement below:

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have unveiled the next set of characters to be added to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers. These include Fing Fang Foom, Devil Dinosaur & Moon-Boy, Korvac, Skaar, Wendigo, Crimson Dynamo, Mantis, Peggy Carter, and the Iron Man’s Mark 38 armor – also known as “Igor”. You can find some screenshots of them in the gallery below:

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