Lost Reavers September 4 Feature

Project Treasure renamed as “Lost Reavers”, new trailer, screenshots and details

Last weekend, Bandai Namco released a new update on Project Treasure, which is now known as Lost Reavers.

The official site for Lost Reavers is now also open here, and the Japanese beta of the game is kicking off on September 3.

Lost Reavers will be a free-to-play online co-op action game, where four players hunt down treasure while fighting and avoiding whatever gets in their way.

Players will have four characters to choose from: Sayuri, an all-rounder who fights with both blades and guns; Dwayne, a “power” character who seems to use heavy weapons; Victoria, who duel-wields guns; and ShadowStalker, a tricky character with a variety of different attacks.

The main goal of Lost Reavers is to find and recover relics, while avoiding or confronting all kinds of enemies and giant bosses standing in the way of the players. The game lets you customize the characters with different weapons, costumes and consumable items. The GamePad displays the map and can be used to chat with other players through pre-set messages.

You can find the trailer and screenshots below:

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7 years ago

This game seems interesting; it’s like the Better Version of Devil’s Third… or is it only me seeing it like that?