Project X Zone 2 E3 2015 June 20 Feature

Project X Zone 2 E3 2015 Trailer, Screenshots and Details

Bandai Namco uploaded a new trailer and some screenshots from Project X Zone 2 during this year’s E3.

The screenshots confirm Felicia, Valkyrie and Ulala will be present in the game, while the trailer shows off some gameplay footage.

Siliconera also managed to interview Kensuke Tsukanaka, the producer of the game, and he had this to say about the game’s battle system:

We haven’t officially announced this yet, but, we are going to include some new elements to the existing battle system. We actually took it out of the hands-on demo here at E3, but, we’ll be announcing it soon! We know it’ll add more depth to the battle system.

Siliconera also asked if the team is adding any additional commands, to which Tsukanaka didn’t comment on any specific details, only offering the following answer:

“Whatever it is, it’ll add depth!”

You can find the trailer and screenshots below: