Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 Edit Mode Feature

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 – Edit Mode Details and Gameplay Videos

Koei Tecmo released some new details about Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 today, in preparation for the game’s June 24th/30th release date.

Here’s what they had to say about the Edit Mode:

Among the key features of the game is the edit mode, where the player can create their own character. Being implemented from the fan-favorite version released with Samurai Warriors 4, the edit mode allows for a very deep level of customization and vast selection of facial features, armor, weapons and accessories. What is unique in Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 though, is that for the first time players will be able to equip their customized characters with the default costumes of the famous warriors they befriend!

Creating and maintaining relationships with officers and warriors is a very important part of Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3, as it allows players to listen in to their thoughts and plans and affect them to their desired effect. In that way the game takes a different turn, as the story mode is completely in the players’ hands and the outcomes of battles, alliances, and ultimately the conclusion of the game, is altered by their actions.

And finally, they also uploaded two new gameplay videos showcasing both protagonists. You can watch them below: