Splatoon Inkbrush Announcement Feature

Splatoon – New Weapon (Inkbrush) incoming + A look at the game’s early success

Nintendo recently announced that Splatoon is getting a new weapon, the Inkbrush, as DLC coming this weekend.

The new weapon can spread large amounts of ink quickly as you move arounfd and smack down your opponents as well.

Here’s a small gallery dedicated to it:

Moreover, as a part of its continued effort to promote the game, Nintendo unleashed Splatoon at the Toronto Eaton Centre in Canada, as you can see in the video below.

Finally, the game seems to be doing really well in it’s first week, even in Japan!

Just in Japan, the game sold 145,000 copies in it’s first week and the amiibo sold 106,000 units (Note that 3-packs are counted as 3 figures for a total number of figures, meaning just over 35,000 of each including packs and singles).

According to Media Create, Splatoon is only behind the Mario series and Super Smash Bros. when it comes to the best opening weeks on Wii U. They point out that this is a favorable start for a brand new title.

They also revealed the game sold through 97.33% of its initial stock, with a lot of stores being sold out since release date.

Even though Splatoon is a game belonging to a genre with a limited userbase, Media Create states that a large investment in commercial marketing and hands-on experience let the userbase expand and allowed it to become a major hit. Additionally, along with this title, sales of the Wii U itself increased by 232.73%. Good sales are expected to continue thanks to the appeal to new users.

As you can see, Splatoon is off to an absolutely fantastic start in Japan. Nintendo has done really well with its new IP!

Finally, in a more international approach, YouTube confirmed by publishing its list of the top 10 trending games for May, that Splatoon reached 4th place. That must translate to an awesome amount of exposure and interest in the game.

Here’s to many years of Splatooning around!

What do you think of Splatoon so far?

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Just as I finished writing this, Nintendo uploaded another video about the Mess Fest. Check it out below: