Dragon Quest July 25 Feature

Square Enix revealing new Dragon Quest game next week

This week’s issue of Jump magazine teases the reveal of a new Dragon Quest game.

Square Enix will be holding a presentation on July 28, where the company is expected to announce a new main series title.

The event will be live streamed online, and Jump says that its August 3 issue will have new information about the title in question.

Square Enix’s press invite says the company will announce “the first main Dragon Quest title in three years”, so everyone is assuming it to be Dragon Quest XI.

They will also showcase some other Dragon Quest titles during the presentation, so hopefully we’ll hear more about Dragon Quest VIII or Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3, for example.

NOTE: Taking into account the latest games have been on the 3DS and their interest in potentialy localizing them, I wouldn’t be surprised if DQ11 ends up on the 3DS too…