Take a look at Atelier Rorona Plus’ Astrid mode, costumes and accessories

Gust has released a new trailer for Atelier Rorona Plus showing off the new Astrid mode.

This mode is unlocked after fulfilling certain conditions in the game and revolves around the earlier lives of Astrid and Sterk, as well as stories that tell how Astrid ended up taking Rorona on as her pupil.

Gust also shared a look at some of the costumes you will be able to equip your party characters with. Check them out:


Totori’s “Lady Cute” and Meruru’s “Engel Mirage”

00512 00612 00812 00912

Cordelia’s “Noble’s Black Garment” and Lionela’s “Street Performer’s White Garment”

0121001310 0149 0167 0158

 The “Puni Hood” that can be equipped by all characters

And some other costumes:

0176 0185 0196 0207 0213 0226

In the game, you can also attack monsters and use skills to fill up your special attack meter during battle. Once it’s full, you can do extra damage against monsters with various attacks. As you can see below, every character has their own special move scene.

 0234 0244 0254 0263 0273 0283 0293 0303 0313 0323 0334

In this game, there are also some events that only happen once a year like, for example, the Cabbage Festival, where you’ll get to go around looking for cabbage for a chance to win a grand prize.

0343 0353 0364 0374

While the aforementioned Cabbage Festival takes place in the first year, you can only participate in the Battle Arena competition on the second year, where you’ll get to test your strength to see if you can win three rounds for the win.

0384 0393 0403 0413

Finally, let’s take a look at some familiar characters in their chibi forms:

Haggel Baldness

0443 0433 0423

Cowle Durer

0473 0463 0453

Finally, here’s a look at how the Premium Box looks like:

Premium Box picture

Atelier Rorona Plus will be releasing in Japan on June 4, 2015 for Nintendo 3DS.