The Great Ace Attorney – Investigation details and screenshots

Capcom recently released some new screenshots and information about the investigation parts of The Great Ace Attorney. Here’s a roundup of the information followed by the screenshots:

– Examine, Move, Talk, and Present options are back;
– You can team up with Sherlock Holmes for “Joint Reasoning”;
– Since Holmes’ perception is on a genius level, he might occasionally miss things that are right in front of him, so Ryunosuke will need to do his job and point it out whenever that happens;
– “Examine”: go around different areas and use a cursor to check if there’s anything that stands out. After examining a spot or object, it’ll be marked with a check mark. You can speak to people while examining;
– “Move”: go from area to area. You can use “Move” once you’ve already explored an entire area;
– “Talk”: question various people in the area. You will have the option to choose from various topics in order to find out more about the characters;
– “Present”: bring out evidence from your Court Record. You can use “Present” to acquire new information from the characters that might share more than they usually would without any of them triggering items.