The Great Ace Attorney Ryunosuke Intro Feature

The Great Ace Attorney – Ryunosuke Naruhodo Introduction Video and Demo Footage

Capcom released a new video for The Great Ace Attorney, “reintroducing” us to the game’s main protagonist Ryunosuke Naruhodo.

You can find the video below, in addition to a summary of all the interesting details Shu Takumi and Shintaro Kojima shared about the character.

Here’s the summary of the details:

  • At the beginning of the story, Ryunosuke is not yet an attorney, but a university student;
  • After getting involved in a certain incident, Ryunosuke becomes determined to be an attorney, beginning the story;
  • The Great Ace Attorney will tell the tale of how the first attorney of the Wright (Naruhoho in Japanese) family came to be, and how it carried on after;
  • The Great Ace Attorney takes place in the Meiji Period of Japan, when “defense attorney” was still a new concept, so you’ll see many people dressed in traditional garments;
  • When making is design, the team decided to give Ryumosuke the sharp look of a university student and had no problem implementing it, but it was tough designing his hairstyle because it was a little more on the tough side, so it took a long time. Takumi says that he wanted something recognizable from a silhouette, but given the time period, most people had simple haircuts, and they wouldn’t have wanted to give that to the protagonist;
  • The name “Ryunosuke” was decided on within ten seconds. Since Phoenix’s name in Japanese is “Ryunoichi” they began writing a list of names they could use, and the very first one was Ryunosuke, which the development team ended up keeping until the end;
  • The concept of Ryunosuke’s character came from the idea of how Phoenix would act and speak if he were living in the Meiji Period, so it didn’t take too long until they came up with the Ryunosuke we know of today;
  • However, since he’s not exactly a proper attorney at the beginning, you’ll see Ryunosuke display a little nervousness and inexperience, which adds to his character and the setting.

Special thanks to Siliconera for translating this info.

Finally, we also got a look at the Demo of the game. You can watch it below: