The Legend of Legacy August 25 Feature

The Legend of Legacy Video show Liber and Garnet, live stream recording

Atlus sent in another video showcasing The Legend of Legacy’s characters, this time around focusing on Liber and Garnet.

You can find an overview of both of them and the video below:


A treasure hunter with a penchant for danger, and also profiting off said danger, Liber is coming to Avalon not for a noble cause, but rather to line his pockets.

Being the resourceful adventurer, Liber is one of the strongest supports in the game and excels with bare fists, short swords, and spears. Plus, Liber has a strong affinity for the wind element.


A trained templar knight, Garnet is loyal to her holy order, and is exploring Avalon to stamp out the heretics spreading blasphemous rumors about gods returning to the mortal realm.

Garnet has balanced offense and defense, making her versatile in party formations. She prefers long swords and shields, and she doesn’t have any elemental affinities at all.

If you would like to watch the most recent live stream about the game too, you can watch it below: