3rd Party News Roundup April 17 2016 Feature

Apr. 11 to 17 3rd Party News Roundup

Bravely Second: End Layer

Nintendo released a new trailer for Bravely Second: End Layer as the RPG launched in North America last week. In this new trailer you can watch below, a closer look at the jobs system is given.

Due to the release of the game in North America, Game Informer interviewed co-producer at Square Enix Masashi Takahashi. Takahashi talked about topics like player feedback, the new approach to character designs in this game, how the job classes were decided, and the series’ future. You can find the full interview over here.

Ace Attorney 6

Capcom has shared a new batch of details and screenshots from Ace Attorney 6. Below, you can find a roundup of the details translated by Gematsu introducing the game’s “3D Fingerprint Detection” system, a gallery with the related screenshots, and a new commercial released by Capcom.

– There are several types of forensic sciences in Ace Attorney 6 that Ema Skye specializes in
– “3D Fingerprint Detection” is just one of these, and adds a new element to the “Fingerprint Detection” introduced in past entries in the series
– In order to collect fingerprints, you’ll need to apply a special powder to the place where fingerprints might be located, and then blow it away for the fingerprints to appear
– Repeat this several times to get a clear fingerprint
– You can now rotate the evidence 360º in every direction
– You should focus and apply powder to the locations likely touched by the culprit’s hands
– Each person has a unique fingerprint
– Find the same fingerprint as the one you identified from a list of characters to identify its owner
– Once the fingerprint you applied powder to becomes clear, you’ll first choose the fingerprint to be compared, which will be displayed on the left side of the upper screen
– You’ll then compare the detected fingerprint with similar fingerprints from a list of characters, which are displayed to the right of the detected fingerprint
– If you can recognize the fingerprint, various new facts will come to light

Monster Hunter Generations

Capcom has recently issued a new Monster Hunter Generations trailer to showcase the gameplay mechanics known as Styles and Hunter Arts. According to the company, these “allow for an even more visually striking and personalized playstyle than ever before”.

Here’s a rundown of the four available Styles from Capcom:

Each hunting Style opens up different ways to tactically take on foes. Each Style also allows access to different Hunter Arts, indispensable combat skills and power-ups that can be unleashed with the tap of a button when charged, making it easy to execute these special moves.

  • Aerial Style – Adds a new jumping ability which allows players to attack from above, opening up more opportunities to mount a monster and potentially knock it down.
  • Guild Style – Classic gameplay for all 14 weapons and will feel familiar to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate players.
  • Adept Style – Rewards players for learning enemy behaviors and performing a counterattack, giving players more tactical dodging and blocking options based on the current weapon type in use.
  • Striker Style – A versatile powerhouse that revolves around building up and unleashing incredibly advantageous Hunter Arts.

The game will also make its first public playable debut in the west at PAX East.

You can find the new Monster Hunter Generations trailer below, followed by several gameplay videos:

Dragon Ball: Fusions

Bandai Namco has recently shared the very first trailer for Dragon Ball: Fusions. Give it a look below:


My Hero Academia: Battle for All

Bandai Namco has recently released two more My Hero Academia: Battle for All character videos, this time covering Tenya Iida and Ochako Uraraka. Check them out below:



7th Dragon III Code: VFD

All pre-orders and day one launch copies of 7th Dragon III Code: VFD come with a 28-page art book, featuring designs from Miwa Shirow. It contains the designs for the game’s numerous character classes, enemies, environments, and much more.

SEGA has now prepared a preview of the 7th Dragon III Code: VFD art book, which you can find below:

Etrian Odyssey V

Atlus has issued a new Etrian Odyssey V trailer highlighting the game’s Fencer class. You can find it below:

Meanwhile, Nintendo Everything has translated the Famitsu details regarding the various races and classes in Etrian Odyssey V, including the above mentioned Fencer class. You can find the translated details over here.

Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

Atlus recently announced that Shin Megami Tensei IV Final will be released in North America this summer as Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse. The game will be sold physically and digitally for $49.99 US / $64.99 CA.

Here’s an official overview of the game:

The story of Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse is one of human pawns being shuffled across a chessboard by the higher deities. One lone Hunter, the game’s protagonist, meets an early demise and through a pact with a lesser god, is brought back to life in exchange for his pledge of servitude. From there, the protagonist allies with other Hunters in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Tokyo beginning a plot that crosses over with the events of the original Shin Megami Tensei IV.
Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse features:
  • The Eternal Struggle Between Gods– The Shin Megami Tensei series, known for exploring the tenuous symbiosis between man and deity, reaches deeper than ever in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, as the band of main characters must decide which side of peace or anarchy they are on.
  • Partner Up for Success – A new twist on the SMTIV combat formula allows players to bring one of seven partners to battle (in addition to the standard three demons), each with their own unique skills and AI. Plus, partners will fill up a meter that will interrupt the enemy, do massive damage, and give players an extra turn. Given the excruciating difficulty of battles in Shin Megami Tensei, the partner system will allow for new player strategies.
  • Demons AplentyShin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse has a series record 450+ demons to fight, fuse, or recruit to player parties. With demons from a wide selection of cultures and religions to choose from, players will be able to customize their party to their liking.
  • Fuse For Affinities – Demon fusion, combining two or more demons to form a more powerful one, is one of the cornerstones of Shin Megami Tensei games, and now demons will have affinities for certain skills, giving players more decisions to make about which skills fusions will inherit.
  • Press Turns and Smirking – The Press Turn system returns, which gives players (or enemies!) extra turns for exploiting weaknesses. The Smirk system returns as well, which gives huge offensive and defensive boosts to party members (or enemies) and now unlocks bonuses for certain skills, such as insta-kill attacks.

You can find the announcement trailer for Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse below. You can also read a post from Atlus talking about the western name change here and find the official site over here.

Corpse Party

Following a leak from the ESRB, XSEED has now officially announced plans to bring Corpse Party to North America on 3DS this summer.

Corpse Party will be sold at retail as a “Back to School” edition for $49.99 and digitally for $29.99, coming with miniature figurines of Naomi Nakashima and Seiko Shinohara, as well as a soundtrack CD featuring nearly 80 minutes of music from the game, including three tracks exclusive to this version.

Below you can find the official overview of the game and the teaser trailer.

Remastered from the 2011 PSP game, the Nintendo 3DS rendition of Corpse Party will feature redrawn, high-resolution character sprites, newly arranged music tracks, and 3D art stills, as well as four new Extra Chapters exclusive to this version that provide insight into lesser-shown characters and plot elements previously left unexplained. This title has been rated “M for Mature” by the ESRB.

In Corpse Party, players take control of a group of Japanese high school students who inadvertently engage in a pagan ritual and find themselves inexplicably transported into a whole other space: an inescapable echo of a long-since demolished school building where a series of gruesome murders once took place. They must now evade the grasp of the tortured souls who roam the halls of the doomed Heavenly Host Elementary School, lest they join the ranks of the dead themselves.

Corpse Party is presented using crisp 2D sprite graphics in a classic 16-bit style, brought to life with gruesome and horribly detailed hand-drawn anime-style portraits and art stills featuring vividly descriptive text, and binaural 3D audio in the Nintendo 3DS iteration, players’ minds are prone to wander, providing a uniquely engrossing horror experience. Put on a pair of headphones and Corpse Party becomes even more terrifying, with creepy background noises that bring the terror of the game’s environment directly to players’ ears.

As players advance through Corpse Party, they will strive to avoid the game’s more than 20 “wrong ends,” in which tragedy takes over and one or more characters suffer a grim demise. Whether buried alive, forced to swallow scissors or cannibalized by a friend, wrong ends are often as disturbing as they are morbidly intriguing. To advance through the game, players must reach the one true ending in each of the game’s five chapters to unlock the next leg of the journey. The game features several “true” endings depending on how many characters survive the journey through the haunted school – and at Heavenly Host Elementary, survival is no easy task.

The publisher has also put up a Tumblr post clarifying certain aspects of the release.

According to XSEED, all voices will be retained and censorship avoided:

– Worry the First: The 3DS version has no voice-acting, right?

Wrong! The 3DS version is fully voiced, utilizing the exact same Japanese-language voice recordings as the PSP version of the game, in all their 3D binaural glory. I think the origin of this rumor may have been the four 3DS-exclusive Extra Chapters – new content created specifically for this version of the game. These four Extra Chapters are not voiced (save for flashbacks to other parts of the game), but every other Chapter and Extra Chapter is, with not a single voice file from the PSP version missing or unaccounted for.

– Worry the Second: The 3DS version has to be censored, right?

Nope! All versions of Corpse Party released by XSEED Games are presented to you with no content removed or altered whatsoever (save for the small handful of sniggly things we had to change for legal reasons, like a Nokia ringtone). The ESRB M rating exists for a reason, after all, and our M rating for Corpse Party 3DS has already been secured.

You can find XSEED’s full post here.

Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns

Marvelous has released a new batch of Story of Seasons: Cherished Friends of Three Towns screenshots based on Famitsu’s coverage from last week. You can find them in the gallery below:

Super Strike Beach Volleyball

Natsume recently launched Super Strike Beach Volleyball on the North American and European 3DS eShop this week. The publisher has since uploaded a trailer, which you can find below:

Yo-kai Watch 3

yo-kai-watch-3-boxartThis month’s issue of CoroCoro featured Yo-Kai Watch 3, and stated that the game will be released in Japan on July 16th. Furthermore, like many recent Yo-kai Watch games, it will be released in two versions: Yo-kai Watch 3 Sushi and Yo-kai Watch 3 Tempura.

You can find the scans in the gallery below:

Following CoroCoro’s coverage, Level-5 then shared new information about Yo-kai Watch 3.

When the game was announced last year, it was confirmed that the game will have two protagonists and take place in two countries. Keita and Jibanyan’s story will be in St. Peanutsburg, USA while Inaho and USApyon’s story will be in Sakura New Town, Japan. Sakura New Town has a new map Aobahara (reference to Akihabara), along with a NyaKB48 Theater (reference to AKB48).

Yo-kai Watch 3 will have a brand new battle system with the Tactics Medal Board. The placement of the medals on the lower screen’s board will also determine yo-kai positions in the upper screen. Players will be able to do things like make a formation, evade enemy attacks, and switch in reserve yo-kai.

Keita and Inaho will be wearing a new type of yo-kai watch named Yokai Watch Dream. This watch can also summon yo-kais with a roulette, but there’s a chance for failure here. There is also a new type of yo-kai medal named Yokai Dream Medal. More information about the new watch and medal will be coming in the near future.

Yo-kai Watch 3 will have over 600 yo-kai in total, including the new yo-kai introduced, which are American Yo-kai and Great Legend Yokai.

The new bosses in Keita’s USA part will also look very American. For example one of the bosses is a lump of garbage scraps.

And here’s a roundup of the game bonuses:

Physical Sushi version bonus: Yokai Dream Medal of KK Brothers
Physical Tempura version bonus: Yokai Dream Medal of Tomnyan

Digital Sushi version bonus: Sushi Jiba
Digital Tempura version bonus: Ten Koma

Having Yo-kai Sangokushi save will unlock three General Yokais: Komasan Sun Ce, Jibanyan Liu Bei and USApyon Zhongda

Having Yo-kai Watch Busters: Red Cat save will unlock: B Jibanyan
Having Yokai Watch Busters: White Dog save will unlock: B Komasan

Having Yo-kai Watch 2: Genso save will unlock: Jibanyan S
Having Yokai Watch 2: Honke save will unlock: Komasan S
Having Yokai Watch 2: Shinuchi save will unlock: Komajirou S

Finally, you can find the new trailer, screenshots and artwork from the game below:

Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle

A new Yu-Gi-Oh! game for 3DS, Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle, has been revealed in the latest issue of Weekly Jump. The game is planned for a digital release in Japan this summer, and features brand new characters, with the player facing off against numerous rivals in card battles. The scan shows the protagonist, a character named Guide-san who helps in duels, and two rivals: Psychic Tendo and Strong 19. Tendo will use Psychic types, while Strong 19 uses monsters with high attack power.

Though it is currently only announced for Japan, Konami previously announced that they were working on a 3DS Yu-Gi-Oh! game for a worldwide release in the summer, and it seems like this might be that game.

You can find the Jump magazine scan below:

YuGiOh-3DS-Ann-Scan_04-15-16Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI-

Langrisser Re:Incarnation -TENSEI- will be available starting tomorrow, so a new trailer for the game in now online. Check it out below:

Kouenji Joshi Soccer 3

Kouenji Joshi Soccer 3 was announced back in 2014, and after two years later and following a few delays, the game is finally launching in Japan on June 16 for 6,262 yen. You can take a look at the boxart below, and visit the official Japanese website over here.

kouenji-joshi-soccer-3Puzzle & Dragons X

GungHo Online Engtertainment has recently published the opening movie for Puzzle & Dragons X. You can find it below:

The Battle Cats POP!

Last year, Japan received a game by PONOS after its announcement in a Nintendo Direct called Battle Cats.

It now appears that that tower defense title will soon be available in English, since developer PONOS has recently tweeted out the following:

While you wait for an official announcement of a localization, you can take a look at Japanese trailer:

Virtual Console Trailer

Nintendo recently released an official video for Final Fantasy IV Advance on the Japanese Wii U Virtual Console. Check it out below: