3rd Party News Roundup April 24 2016 Feature

Apr. 18 to 24 3rd Party News Roundup

Bravely Second: End Layer

Nintendo and Square Enix hosted a developer panel for Bravely Second: End Layer at PAX East this weekend. You can find a recording of the event below:

Ace Attorney 6

Capcom has released a new update for Ace Attorney 6, covering information and screenshots for the Multi-Angle Video Identification system.

Here’s the new details from Gematsu‘s report:

– The Multi-Angle Video Identification is a new type of scientific investigation system.
– This system displays two videos showcasing camera footage of two different perspectives of the same scene.
– Something is out of place, so you need to compare the two videos of the same scene and try and find an inconsistency.
– Fast forward, rewind, and pause controls can be found on the bottom screen, in addition to a button to switch between videos.
– You can also advance by frames.
– By checking the same areas in each video you will eventually locate an inconsistency.

You can find some screenshots of the Multi-Angle Video Identification system in the gallery below:

Capcom has also shared that Ace Attorney 6’s soundtrack will be getting released as a 2 CD set in Japan, on July 13th. The two CDs will feature 62 tracks from composer Noriyuki Iwadare (one of the main composers for the series) and the Capcom Sound Team.

Monster Hunter Generations

According to a new listing on Nintendo’s European website, Monster Hunter Generations takes up 12,534 blocks, which amounts to 1.56GB. The North American version will likely have a similar size.

Furthermore, during the week, Capcom announced that Monster Hunter Generations is receiving a collaboration with Okami, allowing players to dress their Felyne in a costume based on Amaterasu, the game’s main character. You can find a trailer for this collaboration below:

Finally, another livestream showcasing Monster Hunter Generations gameplay was held last week. You can watch the recording below:

Dragon Ball: Fusions

Bandai Namco has updated the official Dragon Ball: Fusions website with a mix of old and new details and a few direct-feed screenshots.

Here’s a roundup of the details:

– Dragon Ball: Fusions is a collection and raising-type RPG.
– Players can find characters from the Dragon Ball world, gather them, and go on adventures.
– Not only fighters, but all kinds of timelines and places are fused.
– Go on an adventure in a mysterious world where familiar scenery and buildings like Kame House and Capsule Corp become scrambled, and solve the puzzles of this world with your partners.
– The main point of the game is, obviously, fusion.
– You can freely explore the Dragon Ball world, gather fighters, check out the requirements to find fighters with good compatibility, and create your very own super fighter.
– The gathered fighters can perform fusion with compatibility as the deciding factor, not gender, body type or battle power.
– There will be many dream fusions in the game that couldn’t be even seen in the anime.
– The protagonist and their close friend Pinidge made a wish to the magical dragon Shenron.
– Shenron is asked to make the Strongest Martial Arts Tournament where top fighters can gather.
– The dragon accepts the wish and moves them to a distortion of space-time.
– When the two wake up, they are in a mysterious world never seen before.
– The story progresses as they meet with various Dragon Ball characters, while transcending space and time.
– The aim of the game is to become a champion in the Jikuuichi Budokai (space-time version of Tenkaichi Budokai).
– Pinidge is a hot-blooded boy whose dream is to become the strongest fighter of all eras. The character is voiced by Naomi Shindo.
– The protagonist is a fighter who comes from the far future of Son Goku’s era.
– The voice and looks are customizable, and there’s a selection of five races for the player avatar as well: Earthling, Saiyan, Namekian, Other Star-System Human, and Other-Worldly Human.

You can find the website screenshots in the gallery below:

Besides that, this month’s issue of V Jump revealed a few new details.

The name of the fusion bracelet which allows anyone to merge is “Metamo Ring”. A first look at Pandel, an EX-Fusion between Videl and Pan, is also shown. And lastly, by filling your “Maxi-Gauge” during battle, you can create a Maxi-Fusion that allows five characters to merge together.

These new elements can be seen in the V Jump scans below:

My Hero Academia: Battle for All

Bandai Namco has recently released a new commercial for My Hero Academia: Battle for All, along with two more character trailers for Tsuyu Asui and Minoru Mineta. Check them all out below:




Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

sonic-boom-fire-ice-2Thanks to a listing on Play-Asia, a new batch of Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice details has emerged. The retailer’s overview covers information about the plot as well as gameplay.

Here’s the game overview:

The super villain, Dr. Eggman, discovers a powerful Ragnium element in Ragna Rock island which can fuel his robots and make them faster than Sonic. He then commands his mining robots to search the mythical island. D-Fekt, as one of them malfunctions and is now able to magnetize everything except Ragnium. With this capability, D-Fekt gains more power and messes up the environment of other islands creating fire and ice! Dr. Eggman makes him one of Island Defenders and now ready to face Team Sonic!

Together with our main protagonist, his friends return in their revamped version with their powers still fully intact. Adding to the lineup of playable characters is their friend, Amy Rose. Stop villains, retrieve islands, and bring back the balance in the environment using Sonic’s speed, Tail’s flight, Knuckles’ strength, Sticks’ boomerang, and Amy’s hammer! Mix their unique abilities with the power of fire and ice to pass through obstacles, solve puzzles, and freeze enemies!

Battle with four huge bosses which occupy both 3DS screens! Test your character’s speed and compete in an all-new Bot Racing game with 2 players local play. Play six exploration-based levels and bonus stages such as halfpipe run like the Special Stage from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, calmer underwater stage where a player pilots the Sea Fox and look for collectibles, and third stage which the player pilots a hovercraft and dodges icebergs.

Etrian Odyssey V

Atlus released new information, screenshots and artwort about Etrian Odyssey V via 4Gamer, during the week. As always, Gematsu has translated the new information, which covers some gameplay details about skills, classes and races found in the game.

Each race has a unique set of Race Skills, adding another layer of complexity and depth to character development.EOV_04-21-16_001The human-like Earthrun can acquire the ability to fish at fishing spots found in dungeons thanks to the Fishing skill, and a skill that increases resistance with regard to each of your seals, called Taijutsu.

EOV_04-21-16_002The elf-like Lunaria can acquire the skills Magical Perception, which allows them to detect nearby magic users while giving them a small bonus to their INT stat, and Magical Endowment, a skill that increases the damage of battle-use attack items and increases their LUC stat.

EOV_04-21-16_003The beast-like Therian can master the Hunting Art, to hunt for food in dungeons while passively increasing their STR stat, and the Vigilance skill, which increases the rate of preemptive strikes the character gets depending on how many of your party members have this skill, while also increasing the WIS stat.

EOV_04-21-16_004The small-statured Bronii have the extremely useful skill Align Art, which increases the number of items you can carry by 5 for each party member with this skill while also increasing their VIT, and the Herbalism skill, which increases the amount of HP healed by healing items.

Within the Race Skills, there’s a special subset of Union Skills, which are powerful abilities than can be activated by multiple party members at once when the Union Gauge is full.

The update also covers several classes and some of their skills, which you can find below.

EOV_04-21-16_006The Fencer is a front row, evasion-type attacker. It is a swordsman class that fends off enemy attacks with quick movements and links together various attacks.

Its character skills include Vision Thrust, a blinding stab attack that aims at an enemie’s eyes, Chain Fire, a follow-up attack if the enemy suffered a stab or fire attack in that turn, and Silpheed, a chance to perform a counter attack after avoiding an enemy attack.

EOV_04-21-16_008The Dragon is a front row, defense specialization-type that wears hard armor for dragon-esque high defense. Not only can it defend, but when the chance presents itself, it triumphs in attacking by bombarding the enemy.

Its character skills include Line Guard, which lowers the damage taken by one row of allies during the turn it is used, Gun Mount, a skill that maintains the effect of the guard skill used the previous turn and performs a ranged strike attack, and Barrage Wall, a ranged attack on all enemies that also lowers their physical attack.

EOV_04-21-16_010The Warlock is a back-row attacker-type, and user of ancient magic handed down from olden times. It can manipulate the attributes of fire, ice, and lightning to attack enemies.

Its character skills include Fireball, a ranged fire attribute attack that will diffuse left and right of the enemy it hits, High-Speed Casting, a skill tht allows you to cast spells without using up a turn by spending a higher amount of TP, and Casting: Compression Art, which hits only one enemy but increases the power of the next magic skill you use.

EOV_04-21-16_012The Masurao is a front-row attack specialist warrior-type that freely wields a sharp sword to cut its enemies in two. Masters are said to wield multiple swords.

Its character skills includeOni Musou, which lets you hit multiple times for increased damage, Parry, a quick and close, single-enemy slash attack, that delivers one more close slash attack after the enemie’s action, and New Formidable Foe, which summons an enemy to battle.

EOV_04-21-16_014The Herbalist is a back-row recovery specialist who uses various medicinal plants known as herbs. And they’re not only to heal wounds, but also used for poisonous attacks.

Its character skills include Cure Herb, which heals one ally’s HP, Poison Smoke, that lets you throw a smoke ball that has a fixed chance of poisoning a row of enemies and reduces resistance to poison for three turns, and Dark Smoke, a skill that letss you throw a smoke ball that has a fixed chance of blinding a row of enemies and reduces resistance to blindness for three turns.

Furthermore, the Adventurer’s Guild is also mentioned, which is where you can manage your adventurer and party. This includes registering new adventurers, changing your appearance, and organizing your party. It is headed by Edgar (voiced by Tomohiro Tsuboi).

You can find the remaining screenshots and artwork in the gallery below:

Later in the week, Atlus also released two trailers to highlight the Dragoon class and the Race and Union Skills. You can find them below:

Zero Time Dilemma

Aksys Games recently released a new Japanese trailer for Zero Time Dilemma highlighting each of the characters. They also shared a new batch of screenshots, which you can find after the trailer.

Finally, they put up a blog post during the week explaining the cinema sections in Zero Time Dilemma, which you can read over here.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle

Konami has now opened a teaser site for Yu-Gi-Oh! Saikyou Card Battle following its recent reveal in Jump. You can find it over here.

The site doesn’t reveal many new details and mostly recaps stuff about characters we heard about before (Protagonist, Guide-san, Psychic Tendo and Strong 19), but it seems like Yugi Muto and Seto Kaiba will be making an appearence.

Yugi, the original Duel King, is competing with his power to summon the Dark Magician. Kaiba is a formidable duelist who wields the ultra powerful monster card, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

We also got a new screenshot from the game, which you can see below:

Yu-Gi-Oh-Saikyou-Card-BattlePuzzle & Dragons X

The latest issue of Famitsu had another update on Puzzle & Dragons X. The magazine provides information on the plot, Soul Armor, and more.

Puzzle & Dragons X’s story is set on Dragoza Island. On this island, there are five cities of Fire, Water, Wood, Light and Dark. Each one is governed by respective elemental elders who can transform into Elder Dragons by “turning primitive”. Soul Armor of these Elder Dragons are also available.

Soul Armor can be strengthened and even evolved as well to have new looks. For example, Horus’ Soul Armor can be evolved to Flame Falcon God Horus and once more to White Light Flame Falcon God Horus.

Only three out of the five areas have been explained in detail thus far. Here’s some details regarding each one of them:

Water Area: Has a serene grassland area with rivers and beautifully-designed bridges, and a snow area. Elder name is Vahaton.

Wood Area: Very natural area with lush forests and suspended bridges. Elder name is Timbell.

Fire Area: Compared to the former two areas, this is a much more dangerous place with lava grounds and spouting geysers. Elder name is Eldora.

New monsters will be introduced, and monsters from the original Puzzle & Dragons games will be returning, in this entry. These include:

Fire element: Gigantes, Ifrit
Water element: Crystal Aurora Dragon, Isis
Wood element: Avalon Drake, Meimei
Light element: Virtue, Lightning Holy Dragon
Dark element: Lucifer, Chaos Devil Dragon

CoroCoro also posted another couple videos with gameplay footage from the game, which you can find below:

River City: Tokyo Rumble

Natsume has announced that the company will be publishing River City: Tokyo Rumble for 3DS overseas. The game will be playable at E3 2016 in June.

CgkyzujUoAEgQQjRiver City: Tokyo Rumble is the localized version of Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun SP: Rantou Kyousoukyoku, a game that came out in Japan back in 2013.

Here’s the announcement from Natsume:

Originally launched as Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun SP: Rantou Kyousoukyoku in Japan, the game is part of a long-running series of side-scrolling RPG brawlers, sports games, and more. North Americans were first introduced to the series with River City Ransom on the NES, with an updated take on the game arriving several years later on the Game Boy Advance. Multiple spinoff games, including volleyball and fighting games, have followed.

River City: Tokyo Rumble follows the story of a hot-blooded high school student named Kunio and his good friends. When a nefarious gang moves into Tokyo to try to take it over, it’s up to this self-proclaimed “fighter for justice” and his buddies to make sure the streets stay safe!

Punch, kick, use weapons such as soccer balls, iron knuckles, chains, and even bicycles to knock some sense into those devious gang members. Take on jobs, level up your abilities, and don’t forget to stop on occasion for a snack or two at the local food joints. Luckily, smiles are free!

Key Features of River City: Tokyo Rumble –

Play as Kunio, Riki, and other famous fighters from the River City series!
Take on jobs to earn extra cash, special moves, and more!
Take a break from the main story to fight in a 4-man Rumble or dodgeball match!
Take on your friends using Local Play and Download Play!
Unlock new characters, stages, and songs as you progress through the game!


Circle Entertainment will be releasing ASH on the North American 3DS eShop on April 28th, for $3.99. The game is a new turn-based RPG “featuring a massive, fully-realized world with lush visuals, and a wonderfully compelling story”.

You can find an overview and trailer for the game below:

These are strange days for Aghaus. By order of the Magistrate, the Royal Guard is to assemble for deployment in two days’ time. It has been years since I last left the capital, and further still that I can remember such a command being issued! But what need is there for a Royal Guard, when no King sits upon the throne? Though my oath binds me to his service, the Magistrate is not my liege. He rules in the absence of a rightful heir.

Picross e7

Jupiter has announced another Picross game is in the works, and it’ll be out in Japan very soon. Picross e7 is set to be released on April 27 for 500 yen.

20×15-sized puzzles are included in the game, and Jupiter is packing in 150 Picross panels, along with Mega Picross and Micross puzzles. Special panels will be available to those who have save data from the previous entries on 3DS. In total, there will be more than 300 puzzles in Picross e7.

Picross e7 makes it possible to mark parts of the panel to end up with the solution. You won’t be penalized for putting them on the board, though they’ll have to be removed before you finish the puzzle.

You can find a trailer for the game below:

Virtual Console Trailers

Below you can find a couple trailers from recent Virtual Console releases on the Japanese Wii U eShop.

Final Fantasy V Advance (GBA)

Ai Cho Aniki (PC Engine)