Legend of Legacy August 13 Feature

Atlus on the The Legend of Legacy localization, plans for first-print edition

In a recent interview with God is a Geek, Atlus’ John Hardin spoke about the company’s decision to pick up The Legend of Legacy for Western localization.

Hardin pointed out a few aspects in his response. He talks about Atlus’ close working relationship with FuRyu, the positive reception in Famitsu and the fact that it looks like the kind of game that people would be interested in.

Hardin’s full statement can be found bellow:

“Legend of Legacy is officially official now. I can no longer leak anything else. We’ve been working with Furyu for a couple of titles now. We are working with them on Lost Dimension already. We have a great working relationship with them. Furyu’s Legend of Legacy caught our eye because it received positive mentions in Famitsu. It was one of the top new IPs that people were looking forward to. I really like it. It’s a properly difficult JRPG and I think fans of the SAGA series in particular will love it. The text is presented in little speech bubbles and it really has that classic JRPG feel to it. It is one of those games that, a couple of years from now, will end up in people’s collections and they will say ‘If you’re a fan of JRPGs and don’t have Legend of Legacy in your collection, you don’t have a complete collection.’”

“It was really fun being able to show Legend of Legacy and Stella Glow at the same time at E3. They are so unashamedly JRPG but at different ends of the spectrum. I think Legend of Legacy has more subtlety to the story and characters. Stella Glow is super easy to get into. Legend of Legacy also has a pretty aesthetic. When you’re walking around in the world, the background scenery pops in and even though the draw distance is small, the effects are a lot of fun and it looks awesome.”

He also shared that a first print edition for The Legend of Legacy is in the planning stages. There’s no specific news yet, but Atlus is currently working on plans in that area.

“We are working on it. Nothing concrete to say right now but we are working on getting it taken care of. I don’t think there will be a different priced edition like Persona Q’s Wild Cards Edition but we will do the typical Atlus release with a first run printing. It is nice having something physical to go along with the game. We can’t make an infinite supply of these editions and it is the nature of niche gaming. It is super helpful for our fans if we add something extra for them. I know we sometimes get blasted on the internet for not offering enough but we try and do something special every time. The good news is, there is a lot of time for that. Legend of Legacy is coming out in the back half of 2015. We are also looking at what they did with the music release in Japan. (He confuses Legend of Legacy with Stella Glow here). We are working on getting things sorted out and stay tuned for more info. Thank god that both these games are announced. Haha.”