The Great Ace Attorney Randst Magazine #5 DLC details and character popularity poll results

Capcom has recently released the fifth pack of the Randst Magazine DLC for The Great Ace Attorney in Japan. This pack features Kazuma Asougi artwork, voice and beta music, another Iris/Holmes doll theme, episode 3 commentary, and another short story.

As usual you can find some screenshots pertaining to these things below:

Besides this, an official character poll was also conducted recently where Japanese fans could vote on their favorite characters. Capcom has now published the results of the poll, with the most popular character being Kazuma Asougi, a close friend of the main character, Naruhodou Ryuunosuke, who ironically came out in fourth. Second place was claimed by Sherlock Holmes, while Barok Van Zieks, the rival prosecutor of the game, placed third.

You can figure out the placement of the remaining characters, thanks to the images below: