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6 years ago

Quagsire — Quagmire in Pokken Tournament??? Let’s go! 😛
considered adding Geno — Sakurai just killed a few people
I was surprised by these results because I thought Red would win. Very interesting. — I’m sure most kids wouldn’t have played them, they saw Blue and went, that’s my favourite colour! 😛
Mario Party: Mysterious Challenge World — Please tell me that’s just a translated name, and not the english name, right?
A well deserved award for Mr Satoru Iwata, it’s great to see him being honoured with such an award 🙂
I’m preregistering for the new account, but MiiTomo just doesn’t seem… like it’s marketed towards me xD
The new Nintendo NY World Store thing looks like it’s geared more towards the merchandise, which I’m not sure how I feel about. It seems as if theres been more of a shift to merchandising as of late.

They seem like some weird codenames, don’t they? Caviar and Torte… :3
Anyway, seems like a decent lineup, true or not.