Fire Emblem Fates E3 2015 June 16 Feature

[Update 2] Fire Emblem Fates Trailer, Screenshots, Details and JP Classes Trailer and Commercials

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[Update 2]

Here’s some gameplay footage from IGN:

And Serenes Forest’s third Treehouse analysis.

[Update 2 End] [Update 1]

Detail about the marriage and children system are just in:

Modified from Serenes Forest:

According to the leaks of the latest issues of Dengeki and Nintendo Dream, which release on the 20th, marriage and children will be in the game and work in a similar manner to Awakening.

Upon reaching a support level of “S” with a compatible (opposite-gender) character, those two characters will marry and their children will join them on the battlefield.

From the limited information we’re presented with, it seems that once again there are special “confession” images for the Avatar’s chosen spouse.

However in a slight twist, the identity of the child appears to be determined by the father, rather than the mother like in Awakening, with the mother passing down her hair colour instead.

The examples shown include the Avatar and Felicia’s child, Kanna, and Tsukuyomi and Orochi’s child, Shara. Curiously, Shara’s appearance and dialogue resembles Tharja from Awakening…

It’s not known where the children originate from, but Kanna’s dialogue could be a hint: she mentions going to fight with her father (the Avatar) in the “outside world”. Maybe these children exist in some alternate reality that reflects the real world?

fefates-marriage-1 fefates-marriage-2Serenes Forest also made an analysis of the Day 2 footage shown at the Treehouse.

[Update 1 End]

New information about Fire Emblem If, now Fire Emblem Fates in the West, keeps coming in.

First of all, the english version of the game will also have two versions, Birthright (Hoshido) and Conquest (Nohr).

Below you can find the Facts Sheet, Trailer, Screenshots, Japanese Commercials and Classes Introduction Videos.

For an analysis of the Trailer and Treehouse Live footage, you can check the linked pages at Serenes Forest.


New classes breakdown (literal translations or original names, not official):

New Hoshidan classes

  • Priest: Male Priestess (Staff);
  • Villager (Lance);
  • Shura: Promoted Oni (Axe, Tome);
  • Blacksmith: Alternate Oni promotion (Sword, Axe);
  • Holy Lancer: Promoted Lancer (Lance);
  • Basara: Alternate Spell-caster (and Lancer (?)) promotion (Lance, Tome);
  • Exorcist: Promoted Spell-caster (Tome, Staff);
  • Mountain Priest: Promoted Priest (Lance, Staff);
  • War Priestess: Promoted Priestess (Bow, Staff);
  • Falcon Warrior: Promoted Pegasus Warrior (Lance, Staff);
  • Golden-kite Warrior: Promoted Pegasus Warrior (Lance, Bow);
  • Holy Bowman: Promoted Bowman (Bow);
  • Elite Ninja: Promoted Ninja (Sword, Kunai);
  • Nine-tailed Fox: Promoted Fox Spirit;
  • White Blood: Promoted Dark Prince(ss) (Sword, Dragonstone, Staff);

New Nohrian classes

  • Adventurer: Promoted Thief (Bow and Staff);
  • Revenant Knight: Alternate Wyvern Rider promotion (Axe and Tome);
  • Mánagarm: Promoted Garou;
  • Dark Blood: Promoted Dark Prince(ss) (Sword, Dragonstone, Tome);

Additionally, Butler and Maid are considered promoted classes.