Splatoon July 23 Feature

Japanese Splatoon Twitter shows Octoling picture without goggles

The Japanese Splatoon Twitter account posted a special image today.

It might not seem like anything special at first glance – in fact, it might seem like the exact same image that was posted by some time ago – but it has one key difference…

Today’s image shows an Octoling not wearing any goggles!

(Click on them to see a bigger version…)

CKluPZgUYAAgx0p CKlkKF-VAAA6v04.jpg large

This probably means nothing, but Splatoon is getting an important patch next month… could it mean, maybe, just maybe, that the Octolings will be made playable?

NOTE: I have been liking this game’s concept and all that, but it’s been sitting on my shelf since release for some random reason… <.<‘