June 20 to 26 Indie News Roundup

Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube is now out on the eShop for both North America and Europe and both Wii U and 3DS systems.

You can find the game’s official trailer below, and some gameplay footage by rif raff.

Unholy Heights

Unholy Heights is now out on the European and North American 3DS eShops. It’ll cost $6.00 / €5.99.

Unholy Heights offers tower defense gameplay along with demon monster apartment management. Players assume the role of the Devil “who creates an apartment for monsters to defend against pillaging wannabe heroes”.

Here’s some gameplay information:

In this creative Tower Defence game you sucker monsters to live in your apartment building by buying them furniture according to their needs. Once they are in your apartment, have them breed stronger offspring, charge them rent or KICK THEM OUT! Your army is the only thing in the way of you and the sickeningly sweet good folk who try and erase the monsters presence.

And a trailer for the game:

SDK Paint

Version 4 of HullBreach Studios’ SDK Paint is now out.

HullBreach Studios listed the new features in a recent Miiverse post. Here’s the overview:


SDK Paint Version 4 is ready to launch! This includes SDK PAINT Online! All New Modes! View, Vote, Share and Claim your posted artwork ONLINE via the new http://gallery.sdkpaint.com (Supports GIF, JPEG, 3D MPO and PNG formats)

SDK Paint V4 will include numerous features that are either as pack-ins or add-on content.

This following list describes all changes!


General – All menus in 720P
General – Music on all menus
Painting- Load existing art without leaving screen
Painting – Fix to opacity bug with Undo/Redo

Stencils – Tomeling Pack:Texture

Stencils – Renaissance Pack: Botticelli – Adoration of the Magi El Greco – Portrait of Giulio Clovio Hans Holevin the Younger – The Ambassadors Leonardo – Mona Lisa Leonardo – The Last Supper Michelangelo – The Creation of Adam Raphael – School of Athens Titian – Equestrian Portrait of Charles V

Stencils – Post-Renaissance Pack: Gleizes – Man on a Balcony Gris – Portrait of Pablo Picasso Manet – Flowers in a Crystal Vase Monet – Madam Monet in a Japanese Kimono Munch – The Scream Picasso – The Old Guitarist Rembrandt – The Storm on the Sea of Galilee Steen – Rhetoricians at a Window

Stencils – Asian Pack: Guo Xi – Autumn in the River Valley Kuroda Seika – Lakeside Raja Ravi Varma – Shakuntala Seo Munbo – Landscape Tosa Mitsuoki – The Tale of Genji ??? – Krishna and Gopis in the Forest ??? – Mandala of Vishnu ??? – Portrait of Wuzhun Shifan

Galleries – Autofocus depth-of-field
Galleries – Faster 720P, removed 480P
Galleries: Music – integration

Slideshows – New feature to view art animated with music
Slideshows – Pack 1: Fader, Slider

Sharing – Online gallery posting
Sharing – Miiverse Stamps

Add-on Content

Slideshows – Pack 2: Cubes, Wobbler
Slideshows – Pack 3: Card Flip, Parallax
Slideshows – Pack 4: Cascade, TBA

And the trailer for the game:

Prism Pets

Intropy Games has confirmed a release date for Prism Pets.

The game will be out on June 30, presumably in North America at least.

Here’s the news from their Twitter account:

Laser Blaster

ClQjFLxUkAA0Hbd.jpg largePetite Games has announced it will be releasing Laser Blaster on the Wii U eShop sometime this summer.

Actual relevant details about the game haven’t been made known yet, but information is “coming soon” according to the company.

Block Zombies

Nostatic Software is bringing one of its games to the Wii U eShop, called Block Zombies.

Here’s an overview and trailer for the game:

In a world gone wrong, one girl stands alone. Alone, but not unarmed!

Strange crystalline structures have turned the populace into mindless, zombie-like creatures.

Explore a variety of environments and upgrade your arsenal as you take on the zombies and blow them into their constituent blocky bits.

Fight the Zombies! Stop the Infection! Save the Day!

Hot Rod Racer

ZeNfA Productions has revealed its next game for the Wii U eShop “Hot Rod Racer”, which is planned for release in July across North America, Europe, and Australia. The game will cost $2.99 / €2.99 / £2.69, with a 15% discount planned during the first week.

Hot Rod Racer is a racing arcade game. It will offer unlimited racing, multiple vehicles, and four different environments. It’ll also boast online and local leaderboards, rewards and unlocks, Miiverse stamps, and off-TV play.

ZeNfA shared the following overview with Nintendo Everything:

The year is 199X. The world’s most dangerous racing competition has been created: the F-Ze… er, I mean the INFINITRACK GP! Created by – oh, I don’t know, some nefarious corporation I suppose – it stretches on indefinitely and has never been completed by ANYONE. Of course, that hasn’t stopped thousands of thrill-seekers from attempting to conquer it every day on their shiny new bikes and in their speedy new hot rods, and on this day in particular you too take it upon yourself to join those who have etched their names in the halls of glory by challenging this course yourself. There’s just one problem… you’ve somehow managed to get onto the track driving the wrong way! But hey, a couple of head-on collisions never hurt anybody, right? (Don’t quote me on that.) Choose your vehicle, give it a paint job and some upgrades, and see how far you can make it on the Infinitrack! This is Hot Rod Racer!

And here’s a trailer for the game:

Starr Mazer

Imagos Softworks and Playism are partnering up to bring Starr Mazer to new platforms, including new Wii U and 3DS versions.

Starr Mazer features a mix of point-and-click and shooting gameplay. Here’s an overview of the title:

Starr Mazer is a modernized fusion of 2 classic genres: The point-and-click (PNC) adventure and horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up (SHMUP). The game is highly replayable as both the PNC story and SHMUP levels of each playthrough are procedurally generated and significantly different each time. In this regard it is different from traditional PNC Adventures, which were linear in their storytelling and did not yield anything new on subsequent playthroughs.

The narrative progression of each playthrough uses Open-Middled Gameplay (OMG!) in that the story modules kick off predictably and the endings are varied and satisfying, but what happens in between is up to the predetermination of the story creation algorithm as well as the choices the player makes, performance in the SHMUP segments and a host of other environmental / chronological / enigmatic variables.

Though procedural, both the PNC and SHMUP segments of Starr Mazer are highly crafted to provide an engaging, beautiful, exciting and replayable experience. Great care has been put into the modular PNC story engine and SHMUP level assembly.

And a trailer for it too:

Protect Me Knight 2

gottaprotectorsProtect Me Knight 2 was originally released in Japan as a 3DS eShop game in 2014. Ancient has confirmed the game’s localization since the end of last year, but there haven’t been that many news since.

The second volume of the official soundtrack recently came out, revealing a new English name though: Gotta Protectors. Ancient has since confirmed that this is the new official English title.

For now, we will have to keep waiting for the release date outside Japan.


MixedBag Games has shared on Twitter that forma.8 is now coming to the New 3DS too, in addition to the Wii U, and will support cross-buy. Also, a new game seems to be on the way for all 3DS models.

Here are the tweets by the MixedBag:

Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games has posted a new blog entry detailing a bit of the upcoming Spectre Knight campaign for Shovel Knight.

You should check the update over here, for various details, images and animations.

SpecterKnight_001-630x488Shushi Princess

Lake Lodge Games has prepared another video to show off the progress that has been made on Sushi Princess. You can see what’s been added in terms of levels and mechanics in the video below:

Hollow Knight

Team Cherry has released a new trailer for Hollow Knight, which is soon coming to Wii U. Check it out below: