Langrisser Re: Incarnation New Gameplay Details and Screenshots

The official Langrisser Re: Incarnation website has been updated with new details about the game.

You can find a breakdown of all the details and some new screenshots below:

– Stages begin with players taking control of the commander;
– You work towards the objective required in order to clear the stage, letting you progress to the next one;
– Once you start out, it’ll show you the order in which your characters will take their turns and you can check the order to keep track of when characters will move;
– Healer classes have higher action order, but cavaliers with higher mobility will be later, although they can travel further;
– Mercenaries are faster, which means that their turns will have the same time as healers;
– Different information can be found on the parameter menu. This includes Attack, defense and range;
– You can also check how your character fares against other classes, topography effects and information on supports;
– Before attacking enemies, you’ll get to double check the opponent’s information to get an idea on how well your attack will do, or whether the opponent is stronger or not;
– After defeating an enemy, you earn experience points and money;
– There’s also a chance you can acquire an item if they’re equipped with one;
– Your characters will level up after getting enough experience points and can change classes after hitting level 10;
– You head to the result screen after beating a stage;
– If you lose, you’ll be taken back to the title screen;
– Units that survived the fight will add to your cash bonus and you will earn double the money if all units survive.