Project X Zone 2 New Details

Siliconera recently posted a new preview of Project X Zone 2 based on the game’s E3 2015 demo.

You can find a breakdown of the details below:

– The E3 demo has a fight outside of what seems to be Kogoro’s headquarters in Shibuya;
– Juri Han (Street Fighter) and V-Dural (Virtua Fighter) appear in it;
– The characters repreise their roles as rival units in Brave New World;
– Sigma (Mega Man X) makes his debut;
– Juri has a newly animated special attack with her known as Kaisen Dankairaku;
– Sigma has his scythe and eye lasers;
– Kage-Maru replaces Pai Chan to make a new pair unit with Akira Yuki;
– Akira excelled at launching enemies upward in the first game;
– In this one, his side combos launch an enemy horizontally;
– Only his neutral attack seems to launch enemies up;
– On the Tekken side, Kazuya Mishima replaces Ling Xiaoyu to make a pair unit with Jin Kazuma;
– Their neutral move is Leaping Side Kick and Rising Uppercut;
– Left attack is Spinning Flare Kick and Hell Lancer;
– Right combo is Savage Sword and Roundhouse to Triple Kick Spin;
– Their moves launch the opponent horizontally and excel at keeping the enemy at mid-height in combat;
– New to this game: Yakuza: Dead Souls pair Majima and Kiryu;
– Their neutral move is Double Yakuza Kick;
– Right attack is Backbreaker and Knife Combo;
– Left attack is Anti-Materiel Rifle and Shotgun;
– These two hit fewer times, but do a lot of damage;
– Left attack keeps the enemy floating at mid-height just before the last hit, if you want to use a solo unit to deal cross damage;
– X and Zero are together and seemingly playable from the beginning;
– Their neutral move is X-Buster and Z-Saber;
– Right attack is Triad Thunder and Ryuenjin;
– This can be followed up by their left attack, which is Frost Tower and Hadangeki;
– Neutral move keeps launching an enemy horizontally;
– Directional attacks send enemies straight into the air;
– Bandai Namco nods heavily toward Mega Man X3 here, as the pair unit gets a remixed version of the game’s introductory stage as one of their themes;
– Get a “Charge Bonus” at the end of every fight scene in the demo;
– This seems to power up one, two, or even three of a pair unit’s attacks the next time they fight in battle;
– To the bottom right of the XP gauge on the battle screen is a turn counter;
– Even if it’s only by a little, the battle system has been sped up;
– In the first game, if the player K.O.’s an enemy, they’ll be stuck in the combo until they touch the ground;
– This time around, when lethal damage is dealt to an enemy, they will simply disappear in a puff of smoke soon afterward;
– Clearing the scenario yielded no second wave of enemies, which suggests that there aren’t successive waves of enemies;